On This Day [ October 22 ]


Thursday, October 22, 2020 -Quote Of The Day...

* " The picture of health requires a happy frame of mind. "

On This Day In History...

In 1746- Princeton University (NJ) received its charter

In 1797- Andr,-Jacques Garnerin makes 1st parachute jump from balloon (Paris)

In 1836- Sam Houston inaugurated as 1st elected pres of Republic of Texas

In 1875- Sons of the American Revolution organized

In 1883- 1st NY Horse Show held (Madison Sq Garden)

In 1883- Original Metropolitan Opera House (NYC) grand opening (Faust)

In 1906- 3000 blacks demonstrate & riot in Phila

In 1922- Lucerne Street in the Bronx named

In 1922- Parsifal Place laid out in Bronx, named for knight in Wagner's Opera

In 1928- Pres Hoover speaks of "American system of rugged individualism"

In 1936- 1st commercial flight from mainland to Hawaii

In 1938- 1st Xerox copy made

In 1939- 1st TV NFL game-Eagles vs Dodgers

In 1949- 200 killed in train derailment near Nowy Dwor Poland

In 1950- LA Rams beat Baltimore Colts 70-27

In 1953- Laos gains full independence from France

In 1954- West Germany joins North Atlantic Treaty Organization

In 1962- JFK imposes naval blockade on Cuba, beginning missile crisis

In 1962- Pacific Science Center opens at Seattle Center

In 1963- 225,000 students boycott Chicago schools in Freedom Day protest

In 1966- USSR launches Luna 12 for orbit around Moon

In 1968- Apollo 7 returns to Earth

In 1969- KAPN-AM in Santa Barbara CA changes call letters to KDB-AM

In 1972- Oakland A's 1st championship; beat Reds, 4 games to 3 in 69th World Series

In 1973- Security Council Resolution 338-cease fire to the Yom Kippur War

In 1974- Yanks trade Bobby Murcer to Giants for Bobby Bonds

In 1975- Cin Reds beat Boston Red Sox, 4 games to 3 in 72nd World Series

In 1975- Soviet spacecraft Venera 9 soft-lands on Venus

In 1975- World Football League disbands

In 1976- Rick Barry (SF), begins then longest NBA free throw streak of 60

In 1977- International Sun-Earth Explorers 1 & 2 launched into Earth orbit

In 1978- Laugh-in's Judy Carne arrested at Gatwick Airport for drug possession

In 1979- Deposed Shah of Iran arrives in NY for medical treatment

In 1979- Walt Disney World's 100-millionth guest

In 1980- New South Korean constitution comes into effect

In 1981- Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization decertified

In 1981- US national debt tops $1 trillion

In 1984- NFL quarterback Ken Stabler retires

In 1984- Paul McCartney releases "Give My Regards to Broad Street" soundtrack

In 1988- Elton John sells out MSG for a record 26th time

In 1988- Supreme Ct Justice Sandra Day O'Connor OK after breast cancer surgery

In 1989- Denver Nuggets beat Jugoplastika Split 135-129 in 3rd McDonald Open

In 1991- General Motors announces 9 month loss of $2.2 billion

In 2136- -BC- Chinese make 1st record of a solar eclipse

In 2099- -BC- Universe created at 8:00 PM, according to the 1650

In 2099- -BC- pronouncement of Anglican archbishop James Ussher

October 22 -Birthdays

In 1811- Franz Liszt Raiding, Hungary, romantic composer/virtuoso pianist

In 1845- Sarah Bernhardt France, silent film actress (Camille, Queen Elizabeth)

In 1870- Ivan Bunin Russia, poet/novelist (Gentleman from SF-Nobel 1933)

In 1880- Joe Carr Ohio, NFL hall of famer/NFL president (1921-39)

In 1885- Giovanni Martinelli Montagnana Italy, opera singer (NY Met)

In 1887- John Reed journalist who reported on Mexican, Russian revolutions

In 1896- Charles Glenn King biochemist (discovered vitamin C)

In 1898- Damaso Alonso Spanish poet (Hijos de la ira)

In 19XX- Barrie Youngfellow Cleve Ohio, actress (Jan-It's a Living)

In 19XX- Bobby Blotzner rock drummer (Ratt-Round & Round)

In 19XX- Judith Blazer actress (As the World Turns)

In 1905- Constance Bennett actress (Easiest Way, Ladies in Love)

In 1905- Karl Jansky discovered cosmic radio emissions in 1932

In 1906- Sidney Kingsley author (Darkness at Noon)

In 1907- Jimmie Foxx baseball HR hitter (Detroit Tigers)

In 1915- Harry Hickox Big Springs Tx, (Herb-Please Don't Eat the Daisies)

In 1916- Sid Miller Shenandoah Pa, actor (Donald O'Connor Texaco Show)

In 1917- Joan Fontaine Tokyo Japan, actress (Gunga Din, Ivanhoe, Rebecca)

In 1919- Doris Lessing novelist (Golden Notebook)

In 1920- Mitzi Green NYC, actress (Little Orphan Annie, So This is Hollywood)

In 1920- Timothy Leary Harvard prof, LSD taker

In 1922- John Chafee (Sen-R-RI)

In 1923- Pete Pihos NFL end (Phil Eagles)

In 1925- Robert Rauschenberg US, painter (Gloria)

In 1929- Dory Previn pop singer (Love Be My Cover)

In 1933- Donald H Peterson Winona Mississippi, Col USAF/astronaut (STS 6)

In 1934- Donald McIntyre Auckland NZ, Bass-Baritone (Wotan-Das Rheingold)

In 1935- Judy Devlin Hashman 10 time badminton champ (1957-67)

In 1938- Christopher Lloyd Stamford Ct, actor (Taxi, Back to the Future)

In 1938- Derek Jacobi London England, actor (Lanner-Strauss Family)

In 1939- Tony Roberts NYC, actor (Annie Hall, Edge of Night, Lucie Arnaz Show)

In 1942- Annette Funicello Utica NY, actress (Mickey Mouse Club)

In 1943- Catherine Deneuve [Dorleac], Paris, actress (Repulsion, Hunger)

In 1943- Paul Zukofsky Brooklyn NY, violinist (Cappricio)

In 1945- Leslie West [Weinstein] rocker (Mountain-Mississippi Queen)

In 1947- Lee Meredith [Judith Lee Sauls], River Edge NJ, actress (Producers)

In 1948- John Peterson US, Middleweight (Olympic-gold-1976)

In 1952- Jeff Goldblum Pitts Pa, actor (The Fly, Thank God it's Friday)

In 1952- Patti Davis aka Patricia Ann Reagan, 1st daughter (House of Secrets)

In 1961- Barbara Potter Ct, tennis player (changed shirt on Wimbledon Court)

In 1961- Leonard Marshall NFL defensive end (NY Giants)

In 1963- Brian Boitano US, figure skater (Olympic-gold-1988)

In 1963- Cherie Witter Everett Wash, playmate (February, 1985)

In 1966- Valeria Golino Naples Italy, actress (Rain Man, Little Flames)

In 1980- Michael Fishman actor (DJ-Roseanne)

In 1985- Zachary Walker Hanson Tulsa OK, drummer-Hanson, (MMMBop)

October 22 -Deaths Which Occurred

In 1565- Jean Grolier de Servi,res French bibliophile, dies

In 1932- Anna Dickinson dies just a week shy of her 90th birthday

In 1934- Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd shot dead by FBI in Ohio

In 1979- Jesse Bishop murderer, dies in Nevada gas chamber

In 1984- Napoleon Whiting actor (Silas-Big Valley), dies at 75

In 1986- Ivor Francis actor (Dusty's Trail), dies at 68

In 1986- Jane Dornnacker WNBC-AM NYC helicopter traffic reporter dies doing

In - a live traffic report as her copter crashes

October 22 -Holidays

* India, Mauritius, Singapore : Deepavali Day

* Japan : Jidai Matsuri/Festival of the Eras (1895)

* Puerto Rico : Veterans Day

* Vatican City : National Day

* US : Mother-in-Law's Day - - - - - ( Sunday )

* US some states : Veterans Day - - - - - ( Monday )

* US : Francis E Willard Day-temperance day - - - - - ( Friday )

October 22 -Religious History

In _451- During the Fifth Session of the Council of Chalcedon, the final form of the Chalcedonian Creed was drafted. It became the Early Church's highest and most enduring "definition" of the person and work of Jesus Christ.

In 1844- The "Great Disappointment" began when this latest date, set for the return of Christ by religious leader William Miller, passed without event. Over 100,000 disillusioned followers returned to their former churches, or abandoned the Christian faith altogether.

In 1899- American Presbyterian missionary James B. Rodgers, 34, baptized his first Filipino converts to the Christian faith, thus inaugurating the beginning of Philippine Protestant churches.

In 1952- The complete Jewish Torah was published in English for the first time. A collection of oral and written commentary (dating 200 BC to AD 500) on the first five books of the Old Testament, the Torah comprises the basic religious code of Judaism.

In 1966- Swiss Reformed theologian Karl Barth declared in a letter: 'God makes no mistakes.'