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IF you are a member of the "Raptor" Clan, be sure to check here often for updates.

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What is the "Raptor" Clan?

    The Raptor Clan is a coalition of Age of Empires gamers who practice having fun, fairness, and integrity when on the Zone.  The use of profanity, cheating trainers and rudeness is prohibited by our code of ethics. These folks were asked to join this clan because the following qualities were naturally demostrated by them :  1. Pleasant Attitude (friendliness).  2. Good Sportmanship  3. Good players..

  We are not like those other AOE clans that are pushy, trash talkers, Gloating Winners and Sore losers.  On several occasions I have  seen members of those "other" Clans exhibit extremely disruptive behavior on the Zone.  I have never seen any of our members violate the Zone's Code of Conduct and I believe I never will.

We appreciate a good challenge and try to learn from losing and from winning.   Hey, We all just want to have fun and play !!!!! 

The Honorable Members of the Clan Are......... ( 21 active members )

(These folks DON'T Cheat, Paint, Gloat, or Bragg!)

Catty_Raptor *#+!  (Founder) Chem_Raptor *#+! Kao_Raptor #+!
Loki_Raptor *#+!!! Master_Raptor %!! Max_2K_Raptor %+!!!!
Night_Raptor *#+!!! Phy_Raptor *#+!! SUM_Raptor *%+!!!!
Tarus_Raptor *#+!! Yannus_Raptor ! NAOMY_Raptor  *+#!!!
Empress_Raptor #!!! INS_THE_RAPTOR #!! Lucky_Raptor %!!!
JDKNima_Raptor *%!!! FLaSh_Raptor %! HaVok_Raptor %!!
BigRed_Raptor #! White_Raptor #!! _Da_Ice_Raptor #!!

* indicates member of the high council            + indicates original early member

% indicates Expert   Level                # indicates Near Expert  Level             ! indicates snot knocker

Soon each of us will provide some tips on how to survive against our strategy!

Scheduled Clan meetings will begin soon.