Were The Millers (2013)

Were The Millers (2013)

Release Date : Aug. 07, 2013 | Rating ★★★★★★★
Details : A veteran pot dealer creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into the U.S. from Mexico.
Duration : 1 Hour 58 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Jennifer Aniston as Rose O'Reilly

Jason Sudeikis as David Clark

Will Poulter as Kenny Rossmore

Emma Roberts as Casey Mathis

Ed Helms as Brad Gurdlinger

Nick Offerman as Donny Fitzgerald

Kathryn Hahn as Edie Fitzgerald

Molly C. Quinn as Melissa Fitzgerald

Tomer Sisley as Pablo Chacon

Matthew Willig as One-Eye

Luis Guzmán as Mexican Cop

Thomas Lennon as Rick Nathanson

Mark L. Young as Scottie P.

Ken Marino as Todd - Strip Club Owner

Crystal Nichol as Brad's Receptionist

Sam Richardson as TSA Agent

Dave McElhaney as White Gringo

Scott Adsit as Doctor

Joey Nappo as Gutter Punk #1

Joshua Mikel as Gutter Punk #2

Matthew Cornwell as Dan Johnson

Robert Crayton as Kidnapper (uncredited)

Tait Fletcher as Creepy Trucker (uncredited)

Amanda Quinn Sherrick as Fair Goer (uncredited)

Laura-Leigh as Kymberly | Dickson Obahor as Parking Cop | Brett Gentile as White Bread Dad | Kelly Collins Lintz as White Bread Mom | Lynn Talley as Stylist | Alan Gilmer as Middle Aged Man | Denielle Fisher Johnson as Flight Attendant #1 | Deborah Chavez as Flight Attendant #2 | Kevin Dorff as Border Guard #1 | Rawson Marshall Thurber as The Ultimate Border Guard | Kurt Grossi as Border Guard #3 | Brendan Hunt as Sketchy Dude | Vickie Eng as Hospital Nurse | Lunden De'Leon as Hospital Receptionist | Matt Schweppe as Gutter Punk #3 | Tonya Bludsworth as Soccer Mom | Marcus Viscidi as Business Man | Andrea Alcorn as Fair Goer (uncredited) | James Alcorn as Fair Goer (uncredited) | Martin Edward Andazola as Mexican Federali - SWAT (uncredited) | Loren Anthony as Mexican Border Crosser (uncredited) | Joshua R. Aragon as Drug Cartel Member (uncredited) | Lionel Archuleta as Mexican Pedestrian (uncredited) | Laura Avery as Fair Goer (uncredited) | Steve Baldwin as Strip Club Patron (uncredited) | Del Baron as Coffee Shop Patron (uncredited) | Alyssa Bauman as Pedestrian (uncredited) | Christine Bear as Strip Club Cocktail Waitress (uncredited) | Jenique Bennett as Stripper (uncredited) | Ashley Blankenship as Hot Tub Bikini Girlfriend (uncredited) | Kristi Booher as Pedestrian (uncredited) | Tina Borek as Woman Hanging Laundry (uncredited) | Rachel Brewer as Fair Goer (uncredited) | Steven Ray Byrd as National Guard Solider / Airplane Passenger (uncredited) | Frederick Carpenter as Strip Club Patron (uncredited) | Crystal M. Craven as DEA Agent (uncredited) | Jeremie Dalaba as National Guardsman (uncredited) | Christian Daniels as Fair Goer (uncredited) | Lindsay Davis as Hot Tub Girlfriend (uncredited) | Todd Davis as Pedestrian (uncredited) | Michael J. Flanagan as Strip Club Patron (uncredited) | Lauren Frandsen as Exotic Dancer (uncredited) | William Frasca as Pedestrian (uncredited) | Gregory French as Strip Club Patron (uncredited) | Amanda Fresquez as Airplane Passenger (uncredited) | Lawrence Gilligan as Border Guard (uncredited) | Randy Grazio as Neighbor (uncredited) | Albert Guzman as Fair Goer (uncredited) | Rebecca Harran as Fair Goer (uncredited) | Karen M. Hudson as Border Crosser (uncredited) | William Hutchings as Cafe Patron (uncredited) | Caroline Kahn as Fair Goer (uncredited) | Joe W. Lacey as Strip Club Patron (uncredited) | James E. Lane as RV Driver (uncredited) | Saeri Lee as Pedestrian (uncredited) | Natalia Marie as Stripper (uncredited) | Cathy Mattson as Fair Goer (uncredited) | Crystal Miller as Border Crosser (uncredited) | Brian Patrick Moize as Strip Club Bouncer (uncredited) | Joe Montanti as Fair Goer (uncredited) | Robb Moon as Airline Passenger (uncredited) | Patrick V. Murphy as Mexican Taxi Driver (uncredited) | Matt Perkinson as Strip Club Patron (uncredited) | Danny Pollack as Strip Club Patron (uncredited) | Ed Ricker as Fair Goer (uncredited) | John Henry Scott as Stilt Walker (uncredited) | Bernard Sintim as Upscale Bistro Diner (uncredited) | Nathan Marcus Smith as Coffee Shop Patron (uncredited) | Michael E. Stogner as Airline Passenger (uncredited) | Nick Thies as Fair Goer (uncredited) | Shane Thompson as Strip Club Patron (uncredited) | Melissa Veal as Fair Goer (uncredited) | Kathy Walton as Fair Goer (uncredited) | Millie Wannamaker as Hospital Visitor (uncredited) | Anthony Williams as DEA Agent (uncredited) | Julian Wondolowski as Border Crosser (uncredited) | Ben Yemba as Bouncer (uncredited) | Executive Producer  : Richard Brener | Producer  : Chris Bender | Director  : Rawson Marshall Thurber |