WarGames (1983)

WarGames (1983)

Release Date : Jun. 03, 1983 | Rating ★★★★★★★
Details : High School student David Lightman (Matthew Broderick) has a talent for hacking. But while trying to hack into a computer system to play unreleased video games he unwittingly taps into the Defense Department's war computer and initiates a confrontation of global proportions! Together with his girlfriend (Ally Sheedy) and a wizardly computer genius (John Wood) David must race against time to outwit his opponent...and prevent a nuclear Armageddon.
Duration : 1 Hour 52 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Matthew Broderick as David Lightman

Dabney Coleman as Dr. John McKittrick

Ally Sheedy as Jennifer Katherine Mack

John Wood as Dr. Stephen Falken

Barry Corbin as General Jack Beringer

Juanin Clay as Pat Healy

Kent Williams as Arthur Cabot

Dennis Lipscomb as Lyle Watson

Michael Ensign as Beringer's Aide

James Tolkan as Nigan

Drew Snyder as Ayers

John Spencer as Jerry

Michael Madsen as Steve

Jason Bernard as Captain Knewt

Jesse D. Goins as Sergeant

Alan Blumenfeld as Mr. Liggett

Maury Chaykin as Jim Sting

William H. Macy as NORAD Officer

Joe Dorsey as Col. Joe Conley | Irving Metzman as Paul Richter | William Bogert as Mr. Lightman | Susan Davis as Mrs. Lightman | David Clover as Stockman | John Garber as Corporal in the Infirmary | Duncan Wilmore as Major Lem | Billy Ray Sharkey as Radar Analyst | Erik Stern as Commander | Gary Bisig as Deputy | Gary Sexton as Technician | Frankie Hill as Airman Fields | Len Lawson as Boys Vice Principal | Eddie Deezen as Malvin | Stack Pierce as Airman | Executive Producer  : Leonard Goldberg | Producer  : Richard Hashimoto | Director  : John Badham |