Wanderlust (2012)

Wanderlust (2012)

Release Date : Feb. 23, 2012 | Rating ★★★★★
Details : Rattled by sudden unemployment a Manhattan couple surveys alternative living options ultimately deciding to experiment with living on a rural commune where free love rules.
Duration : 1 Hour 38 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Paul Rudd as George

Jennifer Aniston as Linda

Justin Theroux as Seth

Malin Åkerman as Eva

Lauren Ambrose as Almond

Joe Lo Truglio as Wayne Davidson

Alan Alda as Carvin

Kathryn Hahn as Karen

Ken Marino as Rick Gergenblatt

Jordan Peele as Rodney Wilson

Kerri Kenney-Silver as Kathy

Michaela Watkins as Marissa

Patricia French as Beverly

Jessica St. Clair as Deena Schuster

Linda Lavin as Shari

Michael Showalter as Himself

Keegan-Michael Key as Marcy’s Flunkie

Ray Liotta as Himself

Juan Piedrahita as Paco

John D'Leo as Tanner

Todd Barry as Sherm | David Wain as Himself | Michael Ian Black as Himself | Zandy Hartig as Marcy | Mather Zickel as Jim Stansel | Peter Salett as Manfreddie | Martin Thompson as Dale | Ian Patrick as Grisham | Nina Hellman as Protester | Richard Allan Jones as Jerry Beaver | Juana Samayoa as Stephanie Davis | David Cardenas as Ronny Shames | Sharon Lubin as Danielle Melster | Vester Grayson as Janie Brody | Ronald McFarlin as Billy Marcus | Roger Parham-Brown as Glen Stover | Jim Moffatt as Tony Piloski | Sung-Suk Gaber as Janice Woo | Mark Keever as Mover (uncredited) | Scott Ledbetter as Stock Broker (uncredited) | Trisha Paytas as Davidson's Wife (uncredited) | Ron Raines as Shari's Partner (uncredited) | Jacob Wingfield as Student (uncredited) | Gerald Duckworth as Casino Official (uncredited) | Ron Goss as Construction Crew Supervisor (uncredited) | Rosemary Howard as Manhattan Pedestrian (uncredited) | Tabatha Minchew as Nudist / Hippie (uncredited) | Nina Nayebi as Woman at Casino Table (uncredited) | Katherine Neslund as Concerned Citizen (uncredited) | Joel Rogers as Minivan Freeway Driver (uncredited) | Gregory Marshall Smith as Concerned Citizen (uncredited) | Executive Producer  : Richard Vane | Producer  : Judd Apatow | Director  : David Wain | Writer  : Ken Marino |