Wall Street (1987)

Wall Street (1987)

Release Date : Dec. 10, 1987 | Rating ★★★★★★★
Details : A young and impatient stockbroker is willing to do anything to get to the top including trading on illegal inside information taken through a ruthless and greedy corporate raider whom takes the youth under his wing.
Duration : 2 Hours 5 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Charlie Sheen as Bud Fox

Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko

Martin Sheen as Carl Fox

Daryl Hannah as Darien Taylor

John C. McGinley as Marvin

Hal Holbrook as Lou Mannheim

Sean Young as Kate Gekko

Terence Stamp as Sir Larry Wildman

James Spader as Roger Barnes

Chuck Pfeiffer as Chuckie

Lauren Tom as Lady Broker

Tamara Tunie as Carolyn

James Karen as Lynch

Saul Rubinek as Harry Salt

Leslie Lyles as Natalie

Frank Adonis as Charlie

John Capodice as Dominick

Francois Giroday as Alex

Paul Guilfoyle as Stone Livingston

Sylvia Miles as Dolores the Realtor

Josh Mostel as Ollie

Grant Shaud as Young Broker

Sean Stone as Rudy Gekko

Richard Dysart as Cromwell

Pat Skipper as Postal Inspector

Alexandra Neil as Elevator Person

Anna Levine as Elevator Person

Byron Utley as Elevator Person

Franklin Cover as Dan | Faith Geer as Natalie's Assistant | Suzen Murakoshi as Girl in Bed | Dani Klein as Receptionist | Monique van Vooren as Woman at '21' | Annie McEnroe as Muffie Livingston | Ann Talman as Susan | Lisa Zebro as Gina | Rocco Ancarola as Maitre'd '21' | Martin Sherman as Banker at '21' | Derek Keir as Busboy at '21' | Andrea Thompson as Hooker | George Blumenthal as Broker in Locker Room | George Vlachos as Maitre'd 'Le Cirque' | Liliane Montevecchi as Woman at 'Le Cirque' | Ronald von Klaussen as Airline Mechanic | Michael O'Donoghue as Reporter | Pirie MacDonald as TV Business Analyst | Thomas Anderson as Butler | Cecilia Peck as Candice Rogers | Jack Pruett as Sam Ruspoli | Ronald Yamamoto as Houseboy | Yanni Sfinias as Panos | Carol Schneider as Paralegal | Astrid De Richemonte as Nicole | Adelle Lutz as Janet | Christopher Burge as Auctioneer | Richard Feigen as Bidder at Auction | James Rosenquist as Artist at Auction | John Galateo as SEC Man | Marlena Bielinska as Woman in Plane | William G. Knight as Duncan Wilmore | Jean De Baer as Toni Carpenter | Bruce Daniel Diker as Young Lawyer | Jeff Beck as Investment Banker | Diego Del Vayo as Commercial Banker | Millie Perkins as Mrs. Fox | John Deyle as U.S. Attorney | Michael A. Raymond as Trader - New York Stock Exchange | Eugene Dumaresq as Trader - New York Stock Exchange | Lefty Lewis as Trader - New York Stock Exchange | Mike Rutigliano as Trader - New York Stock Exchange | Heather Evans as Trader - Office | Ken Lipper as Trader - Office | Donnie Kehr as Trader - Office | Elise Richmond as Trader - Office | David Logan as Trader - Office | Paul Kawecki as Trader - Office | Dickson Shaw as Trader - Office | Patrick Weathers as Trader - Office | Jill Dalton as Trader - Office | Allan Salkin as Trader - Office | Oliver Stone as Trader - Office | Michael C. Mahon as Trader - Office | Jeff Rector as Trader - Office | Pamela Riley as Trader - Office | Jon Wool as Trader - Office | James Bulleit as Elevator Person | Sam Ingraffia as Elevator Person | J. Adam Glover as Evan Morrissey (uncredited) | David Hummel as Stock Broker (uncredited) | Erville Light as Herself (uncredited) | Kevin Michael Moran as Business Man (uncredited) | Chris Nelson Norris as Health Club Attendant (uncredited) | Bill Phillips as Chronicle Reporter (uncredited) | Helen Proimos as Race Fan (uncredited) | Ron Turek as Stock Broker (uncredited) | Eric Kramer as Trader - Office (uncredited) | Producer  : Edward R. Pressman | Director  : Oliver Stone | Writer  : Oliver Stone |