Valley Girl (1983)

Valley Girl (1983)

Release Date : Apr. 08, 1983 | Rating ★★★★★★
Details : Julie a girl from the valley meets Randy a punk from the city. They are from different worlds and find love. Somehow they need to stay together in spite of her trendy shallow friends.
Duration : 1 Hour 39 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Nicolas Cage as Randy

Deborah Foreman as Julie Richman

Michael Bowen as Tommy

Cameron Dye as Fred Bailey

Lee Purcell as Beth Brent

Richard Sanders as Drivers' Ed Teacher

Colleen Camp as Sarah Richman

Frederic Forrest as Steve Richman

Joanne Baron as Prom Teacher

Tony Plana as Low Rider

Joyce Hyser as Joyce

Steven Bauer as Guy in Pink Shirt

Elizabeth Daily as Loryn | Heidi Holicker as Stacey | Michelle Meyrink as Suzi Brent | Tina Theberge as Samantha | David Ensor as Skip | Tony Markes as Brad | Christopher Murphy as Ralphie | Robby Romero as Doug | Camille Calvet as Allyson | Lisa Antille as Friend At Beach | Theresa Hayes as Cindy | Andrew Winner as Customer At Counter | Betsy Bond as Marie | Laura Jacoby as Peggy | Karl Johnson as Club Bouncer | Michael Wyle as Arthur | Steve Sayre as Club Frisker | Wayne Crawford as Lyle | Josie Cotton as Herself | Peter Case as Guitar Player (The Plimsouls) | Helen Kelly as Girl at the Party | Troy Martin as Rocky Horror Fan | Director  : Martha Coolidge | Producer  : Wayne Crawford | Writer  : Wayne Crawford | Producer  : Andrew Lane | Writer  : Andrew Lane | Executive Producer  : Thomas Coleman | Executive Producer  : Michael Rosenblatt |