Twilight Zone The Movie (1983)

Twilight Zone The Movie (1983)

Release Date : Jun. 24, 1983 | Rating ★★★★★★
Details : 1959. Friday nights. We time-travelled. Witnessed surprising twists. Entertained aliens. Experienced fear. And first journeyed to the Twilight Zone of Rod Serling's memorable TV series. And guided by four imaginative moviemakers we travelled there again in 1983. Directors John Landis Steven Spielberg Joe Dante and George Miller fashion stories based on or inspired by classic episodes. Landis weaves the tale of a bigot who gets a walloping dose of his own hatred. Spielberg takes over with a fable of senior citizens offered a magical rejuvenation. Dante serves up a terror trip with a child who uses his cartoon-inspired powers to enslave his family. Then fright goes aloft with Miller's finale about a neurotic passenger who sees a monster on the jetliner's wing. Or does he?
Duration : 1 Hour 41 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Dan Aykroyd as Passenger / Ambulance Driver (Prologue / segment \Time Out\)

Albert Brooks as Car Driver (prologue)

Scatman Crothers as Mr. Bloom (segment \Kick the Can\)

John Lithgow as John Valentine (segment \Nightmare at 20

Vic Morrow as Bill Connor (segment \Time Out\)

Kathleen Quinlan as Helen Foley (segment \It's a Good Life\)

Charles Hallahan as Ray (segment \Time Out\)

Doug McGrath as Larry (segment \Time Out\)

Bill Quinn as Leo Conroy (segment \Kick the Can\)

Selma Diamond as Mrs. Weinstein (segment \Kick the Can\)

Kevin McCarthy as Uncle Walt (segment \It's a Good Life\)

Jeremy Licht as Anthony (segment \It's a Good Life\)

William Schallert as Father (segment \It's a Good Life\)

Dick Miller as Walter Paisley (segment \It's a Good Life\)

Bill Mumy as Tim (segment \It's a Good Life\)

Donna Dixon as Jr. Stewardess (segment \Nightmare at 20

Christina Nigra as Little Girl (segment \Nightmare at 20

Jeffrey Weissman as Young Man (segment \Nightmare at 20

Kai Wulff as German Officer (segment \Time Out\)

Steven Williams as Bar Patron (segment \Time Out\)

Stephen Bishop as Charming G.I. (segment \Time Out\)

John Larroquette as K.K.K. (segment \Time Out\)

Norbert Weisser as Soldier No. 1 (segment \Time Out\)

Burgess Meredith as Narrator (voice) (uncredited)

Rod Serling as Narrator (end of Segment #4) (voice) (archive footage) (uncredited)

Murray Matheson as Mr. Agee (segment \Kick the Can\) | Helen Shaw as Mrs. Dempsey (segment \Kick the Can\) | Peter Brocco as Mr. Mute (segment \Kick the Can\) | Martin Garner as Mr. Weinstein (segment \Kick the Can\) | Priscilla Pointer as Miss Cox (segment \Kick the Can\) | Tanya Fenmore as Young Mrs. Weinstein (segment \Kick the Can\) | Laura Mooney as Young Mrs. Dempsey (segment \Kick the Can\) | Evan Richards as Young Mr. Agee (segment \Kick the Can\) | Christopher Eisenmann as Young Mr. Mute (segment \Kick the Can\) | Scott Nemes as Young Mr. Weinstein (segment \Kick the Can\) | Nancy Cartwright as Ethel (segment \It's a Good Life\) | Patricia Barry as Mother (segment \It's a Good Life\) | Jeffrey Bannister as Charlie (segment \It's a Good Life\) | Abbe Lane as Sr. Stewardess (segment \Nightmare at 20 | John Dennis Johnston as Co-Pilot (segment \Nightmare at 20 | Charles Knapp as Sky Marshal (segment \Nightmare at 20 | Larry Cedar as Creature (segment \Nightmare at 20 | Eduard Franz as Old Man (segment \Nightmare at 20 | Margaret Wheeler as Old Woman (segment \Nightmare at 20 | Margaret Fitzgerald as Young Girl (segment \Nightmare at 20 | Rainer Peets as German Officer (segment \Time Out\) | Sue Dugan as Waitress No. 1 (segment \Time Out\) | Debby Porter as Waitress No. 2 (segment \Time Out\) | Annette Claudier as French Monther (segment \Time Out\) | Joseph Hieu as Vietnamese (segment \Time Out\) | Al Leong as Vietnamese (segment \Time Out\) | Thomas Byrd as G.I. (segment \Time Out\) | Vincent J. Isaac as G.I. (segment \Time Out\) | Bill Taylor as G.I. (segment \Time Out\) | Domingo Ambriz as G.I. (segment \Time Out\) | Eddy Donno as K.K.K. (segment \Time Out\) | Michael Milgrom as K.K.K. (segment \Time Out\) | Richard Swingler as Mr. Gray Panther (segment \Kick the Can\) | Alan Haufrect as Mr. Conroy's Son (segment \Kick the Can\) | Cheryl Socher as Mr. Conroy's Daughter-in-Law (segment \Kick the Can\) | Elsa Raven as Nurse No. 2 (segment \Kick the Can\) | Cherie Currie as Sara (segment \It's a Good Life\) | Lana Schwab as Mother (segment \Nightmare at 20 | Jeffrey Lampert as Mechanic No. 1 (segment \Nightmare at 20 | Frank Toth as Mechanic No. 2 (segment \Nightmare at 20 | Carol Serling as Passenger (segment \Nightmare at 20 | Byron McFarland as Pilot Announcement (segment \Nightmare at 20 | Alan Bendich as Nazi Soldier (segment \Time Out\) (uncredited) | Brian Hemenway as SS Officer (segment \Time Out\) (uncredited) | Carol Vogel as (uncredited) | Director  : Steven Spielberg | Producer  : Steven Spielberg | Producer  : Kathleen Kennedy | Executive Producer  : Frank Marshall | Writer  : Robert Garland | Director  : Joe Dante | Director  : John Landis | Producer  : John Landis | Writer  : John Landis | Producer  : Jon Davison | Writer  : Rod Serling | Producer  : Michael Finnell | Director  : George Miller |