Trading Places (1983)

Trading Places (1983)

Release Date : Jun. 07, 1983 | Rating ★★★★★★★
Details : A snobbish investor and a wily street con-artist find their positions reversed as part of a bet by two callous millionaires.
Duration : 1 Hour 56 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Dan Aykroyd as Louis Winthorpe III

Eddie Murphy as Billy Ray Valentine

Jamie Lee Curtis as Ophelia

Ralph Bellamy as Randolph Duke

Don Ameche as Mortimer Duke

Denholm Elliott as Coleman

Kristin Holby as Penelope Witherspoon

Paul Gleason as Clarence Beeks

Frank Oz as Corrupt Cop

James Belushi as Harvey

Nicholas Guest as Harry

John Bedford Lloyd as Andrew

Giancarlo Esposito as Cellmate #2

James Eckhouse as Guard

Eddie Jones as Cop #3

Bill Cobbs as Bartender

Philip Bosco as Doctor

Richard Hunt as Wilson

Jack Davidson as Trader #3

Bernie McInerney as Trader #4

Bryan Clark as Official #2

Afemo Omilami as Longshoreman

Barry Dennen as Demitri

John Landis as Man with Briefcase (uncredited)

Alfred Drake as President of Exchange | Bo Diddley as Pawnbroker | Al Franken as Baggage Handler #1 | Tom Davis as Baggage Handler #2 | Maurice Woods as Duke And Duke Employee | Richard D. Fisher Jr. as Duke And Duke Employee | Jim Gallagher as Duke And Duke Employee | Anthony DiSabatino as Duke And Duke Employee | Bonnie Behrend as Duke And Duke Employee | Sunnie Merrill as Duke And Duke Employee | James Newell as Duke And Duke Employee | Mary St. John as Duke And Duke Employee | Bonnie Tremena as Duke And Duke Employee | David Schwartz as Duke And Duke Employee | Tom Degidon as Duke Domestic | William Magerman as Duke Domestic | Alan Dellay as Duke Domestic | Florence Anglin as Duke Domestic | Ray D'Amore as Duke Domestic | Bobra Suiter as Duke Domestic | Herb Peterson as Duke Domestic | Sue Dugan as Duke Domestic | Walt Gorney as Duke Domestic | B. Constance Barry as Duke Domestic | P. Jay Sidney as Heritage Club Doorman | Avon Long as Ezra | Tom Mardirosian as Officer Pantuzzi | Charles Brown as Officer Reynolds | Robert Curtis Brown as Todd | Tony Sherer as Philip | Robert Earl Jones as Attendant | Robert E. Lee as Cop #1 | Peter Hock as Cop #2 | Clint Smith as Doo Rag Lenny | Ron Taylor as Big Black Guy | James D. Turner as Even Bigger Black Guy | Steve Hofvendahl as Cellmate #3 | Gwyllum Evans as President of Heritage Club | John McCurry as Cop #4 | Michelle Mais as Hooker #1 | Barra Khan as Hooker #2 | Joshua Daniel as Party Goer | Jacques Sandulescu as Creepy Man | W.B. Brydon as Bank Manager | Margaret H. Flynn as Duke And Duke Receptionist | Tracey K. Shaffer as Constance | Susan Fallender as Bunny | Lucianne Buchanan as President's Mistress | Paul Garcia as Jr. Executive #1 | Jed Gillin as Jr. Executive #2 | Bill Boggs as Newscaster | Deborah Reagan as Harvey's Girlfriend | Don McLeod as Gorilla | Stephen Stucker as Station Manager | Paul Austin as Trader #1 | John Randolph Jones as Trader #2 | Maurice Copeland as Secretary of Agriculture | Ralph Clanton as Official #1 | Gary Klar as Longshoreman | Shelly Chee Chee Hall as Monica | Donna Palmer as Gladys | Murray Bandel as Man at Police Station (uncredited) | Peter Fey as (uncredited) | George Folsey Jr. as (uncredited) | Shirley Levine as Bag Lady (uncredited) | Charles Pendelton as Cop (uncredited) | Yvonna Russell as Girl in Park (uncredited) | Arleen Sorkin as Woman at Party (uncredited) | Ronald Sylvers as Rolls Royce Driver (uncredited) | Marlene Willoughby as Woman Passed out on Couch (uncredited) | Kelly Curtis as Muffy | Executive Producer  : George Folsey Jr. | Producer  : Aaron Russo | Director  : John Landis |