The Waterboy (1998)

The Waterboy (1998)

Release Date : Nov. 06, 1998 | Rating ★★★★★★
Details : Bobby Boucher is a water boy for a struggling college football team. The coach discovers Boucher's hidden rage makes him a tackling machine whose bone-crushing power might vault his team into the playoffs.
Cast and Crew :

Adam Sandler as Bobby Boucher

Kathy Bates as Mama Boucher

Fairuza Balk as Vicki Vallencourt

Henry Winkler as Coach Klein

Blake Clark as Farmer Fran

Peter Dante as Gee Grenouille

Jonathan Loughran as Lyle Robideaux

Clint Howard as Paco

Allen Covert as Walter

Rob Schneider as Townie

Dan Patrick as Himself

Jennifer Taylor as Rita

Kevin Farley as Jim Simonds

Jerry Reed as Coach Red Beaulieu | Lawrence Gilliard Jr. as Derek Wallace | Al Whiting as Casey Bugge | Lawrence Taylor as Himself | Frank Coraci as Roberto | Kelly Haren as Drunk Cheerleader | Brett Rice as Laski | John Farley as Tony Dodd | Lee Corso as Himself | Bill Cowher as Himself | Dan Fouts as Himself | Chris Fowler as Himself | Jimmy Johnson as Himself | Brent Musburger as Himself | Lynn Swann as Himself | Paul Wight as Captain Insano | Tom Nowicki as Community College Coach | Kevin Reid as West Mississippi Quarterback | Marty Eli Schwartz as Moderator | Todd Holland as Greg Meaney | Robert Kokol as Professor | Executive Producer  : Adam Sandler | Producer  : Jack Giarraputo | Director  : Frank Coraci |