The War With Grandpa (2020)

The War With Grandpa (2020)

Release Date : Aug. 27, 2020 | Rating ★★★★★★
Details : Peter is thrilled that his Grandpa is coming to live with his family. That is until Grandpa moves into Peter's room forcing him upstairs into the creepy attic. And though he loves his Grandpa he wants his room back - so he has no choice but to declare war.
Duration : 1 Hour 38 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Robert De Niro as Grandpa Ed

Uma Thurman as Sally

Christopher Walken as Jerry

Jane Seymour as Diane

Rob Riggle as Arthur

Cheech Marin as Danny

Faizon Love as Store Manager David

Colin Ford as Russell

Oakes Fegley as Peter | Laura Marano as Mia | T.J. McGibbon as Emma | Isaac Kragten as Steve | Juliocesar Chavez as Billy | Lydia Styslinger as Lisa | Drew Scheid as Eighth Grade Monster | Poppy Gagnon as Jennifer | Gage Lawson as Teen at School | Producer  : Phillip Glasser | Director  : Tim Hill | Executive Producer  : Guy Fieri | Producer  : Marvin Peart |