The Valley Of Light 2007

The Valley Of Light 2007

Release Date : Jan. 28, 2007 | Rating ★★★★★★★
Details : The Valley of Light is a beautifully-filmed sentimental movie of a young man's quest to make sense of his experiences and find new meaning in life. While this film deals with weighty material such as the suicide of Eleanor's husband and Mathew's untimely death the content is handled with reverence and sensitivity. Parents can feel confident in sharing this and many other Hallmark films with their families.
Duration : 1 Hour 37 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Gretchen Mol as Eleanor

Chris Klein as Noah

Zach Mills as Matthew

Jay O. Sanders as Howard

Jeff Perry as Taylor Bowers

Geoff Pierson as Whitlow Mayfield

Stephen Tobolowsky as Littlefield

Robert Prosky as Hoke

Angela Paton as Granny

Betty Moyer as Ada Reynolds

Jackson Rathbone as Travis

Jamie Marsh as Peavo

Kevin Chamberlin as Moody

William Joseph Elk III as Marshall | Allen Nause as Preacher | Michael Maize as Lean Man | Yvonne Koenig as Townsperson / Memorial Singer | Director  : Brent Shields | Writer  : Camille Thomasson |