The Score (2001)

The Score (2001)

Release Date : Jul. 13, 2001 | Rating ★★★★★★★
Details : A gayaging thief hopes to retire and live off his ill-gotten wealth when a young kid convinces him into doing one last heist.
Duration : 2 Hours 4 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Robert De Niro as Nick Wells

Edward Norton as Jack Teller

Marlon Brando as Max

Angela Bassett as Diane

Jamie Harrold as Steven

Serge Houde as Laurent

Mark Camacho as Sapperstein's Cousin

Martin Drainville as Jean-Claude

Marie-Josée Colburn as Woman in Study

Maurice Demers as Philippe

Eric Hoziel as Ironclad Tech

Richard Zeman as Thug

Christian Tessier as Drunk

Gary Farmer as Burt

Bobby Brown as Tony | Cassandra Wilson as Special Appearance | Norman Mikeal Berketa as Bureaucrat Official | Paul Soles as Danny | Claude Despins as Albert | Richard Waugh as Sapperstein | Thinh Truong Nguyen as Tuan | Carlo Essagian as Cop | Lenie Scoffié as Storekeeper | Mose Allison as Special Appearance | Jean-René Ouellet as André | Charles V. Doucet as Old Engineer | Pierre Drolet as Worker | Producer  : Gary Foster | Director  : Frank Oz |