The Post (2017)

The Post (2017)

Release Date : Jan. 19, 2017 | Rating ★★★★★★★
Details : A cover-up that spanned four U.S. Presidents pushed the country's first female newspaper publisher and a hard-driving editor to join an unprecedented battle between journalist and government. Inspired by true events.
Duration : 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Meryl Streep as Kay Graham

Tom Hanks as Ben Bradlee

Bob Odenkirk as Ben Bagdikian

Tracy Letts as Fritz Beebe

Bruce Greenwood as Robert McNamara

Sarah Paulson as Tony Bradlee

Bradley Whitford as Arthur Parsons

Alison Brie as Lally Graham

Jesse Plemons as Roger Clark

Michael Stuhlbarg as Abe Rosenthal

Matthew Rhys as Daniel Ellsberg

Carrie Coon as Meg Greenfield

David Cross as Howard Simons

Pat Healy as Phil Geyelin

David Aaron Baker as Alexander Bickel

Stephen Mailer as Exchange President

David Costabile as Art Buchwald

Susan Blackwell as Dinner Wife

Peter Van Wagner as Harry Gladstein

Kelly AuCoin as Kevin Maroney

Doris McCarthy as Wealthy New Yorker (uncredited)

Zach Woods as Anthony Essaye | John Rue as Gene Patterson | Richard Holmes as Murray Marder | Philip Casnoff as Chalmers Roberts | Jessie Mueller as Judith Martin | Stark Sands as Don Graham | Michael Cyril Creighton as Jake | Will Denton as Michael | Brent Langdon as Paul Ignatius | Christopher Innvar as James Greenfield | Jennifer Dundas as Liz Hylton | Deirdre Lovejoy as Debbie Regan | Michael Devine as Copy Chief | Kelly Miller as Copy Editor | Austyn Johnson as Marina Bradlee | Deborah Green as Ann Marie Rosenthal | Gary Wilmes as Punch Sulzberger | Justin Swain as Neil Sheehan | Luke Slattery as NY Times Runner | Robert G. McKay as NY Times Staffer | Sasha Spielberg as Woman with Package | Bryan Burton as Lafayette Protester | Coral Peņa as Nancy | Dan Bittner as Government Lawyer | Kenneth Tigar as Solicitor Griswold | Gannon McHale as Judge Gurfein | Kevin Loreque as Waiter (F Street Club) | Francis Dumaurier as Head Waiter (Oakroom) | Ned Noyes as Lazard Banker | John Henry Cox as Lazard Banker | Dan Bucatinsky as Joe Alsop | Johanna Day as Ann Buchwald | Annika Boras as Mrs. Alsop | Carolyn McCormick as Mrs. McNamara | Jordan Baker as Dinner Wife | Lauren Lim Jackson as Eastern Air Stewardess | Angus Hepburn as Judge Gessell | James Riordan as Vice Admiral Blouin | Cotter Smith as Under Secretary William Macomber | Ben Livingston as Dennis Doolin | Stephen Rowe as Judge Robb | Rick Crom as Supreme Court Marshall | Fenton Lawless as Linotype Printer | Cullen Oliver Johnson as Linotype Printer | Brett G. Smith as Platoon Leader | Anthony M Walker as G.I | Joel Nagle as Man on Phone | Tom Bair as William Rehnquist | Juliana Davies as Katharine Weymouth | Jon Donahue as Bertram Plain | JaQwan J. Kelly as Watergate Security Guard | Brett Diggs as G.I. | Theis Weckesser as Military Advisor | David Beach as Robert Komer | Sonny Valicenti as Tonny Russo | Lilli Cooper as Protest Singer | Neal Huff as Tom Winship (uncredited) | Robert Myers as Lawyer (uncredited) | Gage Maynard as Protester (uncredited) | Chuck Taber as Factory Worker (uncredited) | Stacey Alyse Cohen as Wall Street Trader (uncredited) | Director  : Steven Spielberg | Producer  : Steven Spielberg | Executive Producer  : Tim White | Executive Producer  : Adam Somner | Producer  : Kristie Macosko | Producer  : Amy Pascal | Executive Producer  : Trevor White |