The Package (1989)

The Package (1989)

Release Date : Aug. 25, 1989 | Rating ★★★★★★
Details : Experienced Green Beret sergeant Johnny Gallagher is escorting a prisoner Airborne Ranger Thomas Boyette back to the US but Boyette escapes and Gallagher must risk life and limb to catch him.
Duration : 1 Hour 48 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Gene Hackman as Sgt. Johnny Gallagher

Joanna Cassidy as Eileen Gallagher

Tommy Lee Jones as Thomas Boyette

John Heard as Col. Glen Whitacre

Dennis Franz as Lt. Milan Delich

Pam Grier as Ruth Butler

Ron Dean as Karl Richards

Nathan Davis as Soviet Press Secretary

Chelcie Ross as Gen. Hopkins

Joe Greco as Gen. Carlson

Marco St. John as Marth

Reni Santoni as Chicago Police Lieutenant

Johnny Lee Davenport as MP

Harry Lennix as Johnny's Field Soldier

Gregory Alan Williams as Col. Woods

Kathryn Joosten as Waitress

Mike Bacarella as Paramedic

Chad Smith as Milan's Son

Mark Williams as Military Officer

Kevin Crowley as Walter Henke | Michael Skewes as MP | Juan Ramírez as Thug | Miguel Nino as Thug | Mik Scriba as Thug | Thalmus Rasulala as Secret Service Commander | Joe Guzaldo as Press Secretary Rogers | Michael Tomlinson as Johnny's Field Soldier | Cody Glenn as Johnny's Field Soldier | Carlos Sanz as Johnny's Field Soldier | Diane Timmerman as Female Backpacker | Charles Mueller as Male Backpacker | Wilhelm von Homburg as West Berlin Police Lieutenant | Anatoli Davydov as Soviet Colonel | William Musyka as Soviet General | Gary Berkovich as Soviet General | Allen Hamilton as American General | Greg Noonan as Command Post Commander | Harry Teinowitz as Command Post Soldier | Don James as Command Post Soldier | Gary Goldman as Command Post Soldier | Katherine Lynch as Henke's Wife | Mary Seibel as Henke's Mother | Joe D. Lauck as Sen. Bruce | Dick Cusack as Secretary of State | Boris Leskin as Soviet Foreign Minister | Danny Goldring as Undercover Bum | Jack Kandel as Soldier with Orders | Nicholas Kusenko as Gen. Carlson's Aide | Tina Gluschenko as Henke's Girlfriend | John W. Hardy as Skycap | Henry Godinez as Lockup Police Officer | Oksana Fedunyszyn as Eileen's Secretary | Ralph Foody as Building Manager | Steve Barbro as Hotel Police Officer | Eddie Bo Smith Jr. as Ft. Belvoir Duty MP | Greg Goossen as Soldier in Provost Marshal's Office | Dennis Cockrum as Computer Technician | Ivory Ocean as Washington DC Police Officer | Metta Davis as Washington DC Witness | Alex Ross as Liquor Store Clerk | Will Zahrn as Nazi Goon | Michael Gaylord James as Nazi Goon | Nancy Baird as Mrs. Delich Milan's Wife | Gene Barge as Secret Service Agent | Walter Markley as Secret Service Agent | Otto von Wernherr as East German Army Lieutenant | Hilda McLean as Old German Woman | Leon Samoilovich as Soviet Security Agent | Dmitri Polytnsev as Translator | Lana Berkovich as Translator | John D'Amico as Soviet General Secretary | Ray Allen as United States President | Christine Cassel as Speaker at Governor's Conference | Billy Bosco as Milan's Son | Phillip Prerost as Hospital Police Officer | Jack Gold as Governor | Tony Castillo as Diplomat | Alan Roger Currie as Military Officer | Kevin Lingle as Executive | Larry Nazimek as Soviet Colonel | John Skoubis as CIA Agent | Alison Vesely as Woman at Funeral | Robert J. Vorbroker as East German Police | Gary Yates as Newspaper Reporter | Executive Producer  : Arne Schmidt | Director  : Andrew Davis | Writer  : John Bishop | Producer  : Tobie Haggerty | Producer  : Beverly J. Camhe |