The Longest Week (2014)

The Longest Week (2014)

Release Date : Sep. 05, 2014 | Rating ★★★★★
Details : Left broke and homeless by his wealthy parents' divorce a young man moves in with an old friend and finally meets the woman of his dreams -- only to discover she's already dating his friend.
Duration : 1 Hour 21 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Olivia Wilde as Beatrice Fairbanks

Jason Bateman as Conrad Valmont

Jenny Slate as Jocelyn

Billy Crudup as Dylan Tate

Tony Roberts as Barry

Laura Clery as Bunny

William Abadie as Concierge

Alexandra Neil as Maribel Valmont

Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick as Young Conrad

Barry Primus as Bernard the Chauffer

Jayce Bartok as Artist 1

Danny Deferrari as Artist 2

Auden Thornton as Woman at Gallery

Steve Witting as Museum Host

Alexander Blaise as Maitre D'

Lucy Walters as Ivory House Girl 2

Geoffrey Cantor as Intellectual 1 Subway

Larry Pine as Narrator (voice)

Stephen Temperly as Jean-Louis Valmont | Maureen Mueller as Museum Socialite | Nicole Elizabeth Berger as Young Beatrice | Ann W. Friedman as Beatrice's Mother | Richaud Valls as Fashion Photographer | Irina Kisilyova as Psychic | Erin Darke as Bartender | Erika Spring Forster as Erika Spring | Jessie Gold as Jessie Gold | Jay Israelson as Jay Israelson | Martin Rayner as Octave | Barbara Schulz as Marianne | Mario Brassard as Hemmings Waiter | Jane Anne Thomas as Jocelyn 2 | Luke Cissell as Violinist 1 | Janice Lamarre as Violinist 2 | Paula Cho as Violist | Reenat Pinchas as Cellist | Anthony Laciura as Doorman | Peter Kilcommons as Doctor | Georgia X. Lifsher as Nurse | Liesl as Ivory House Girl 1 | Elliot Cuker as Car Mechanic | Roya Shanks as Intellectual 2 Subway | Joel Brody as Homeless Man | Barbara Christie as Woman Patient | Uma Incrocci as Reporter 1 | Eric Deskin as Reporter 2 | Meg Hudson as Lingerie Model | Producer  : Uday Chopra | Producer  : Neda Armian | Director  : Peter Glanz |