The Fifth Element (1997) Remastered

The Fifth Element (1997) Remastered

Release Date : May. 02, 1997 | Rating ★★★★★★★★
Details : In 2257 a taxi driver is unintentionally given the task of saving a young girl who is part of the key that will ensure the survival of humanity.
Duration : 2 Hours 5 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas

Milla Jovovich as Leeloo

Gary Oldman as Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg

Ian Holm as Father Vito Cornelius

Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhod

Charlie Creed-Miles as David

Luke Perry as Billy

Brion James as General Munro

Tom Lister Jr. as President Lindberg

Lee Evans as Fog

Tricky as Right Arm

John Neville as General Staedert

John Bluthal as Professor Pacoli

Al Matthews as General Tudor

Indra Ové as VIP Stewardess

Michael Culkin as Hefty Man

Richard Leaf as Neighbour

Mathieu Kassovitz as Mugger | Christopher Fairbank as Mactilburgh | Kim Chan as Mr. Kim | Julie T. Wallace as Major Iceborg | Maïwenn as Diva Plavalaguna | Mac McDonald as Flying Cop | Genevieve Maylam as Stewardess | Jason Salkey as Cop | Hon Ping Tang as Munro's Captain | Vincenzo Pellegrino as Ground Crew | Ivan Heng as Left Arm | Sonita Henry as President's Aide | Tim McMullan as Scientist's Aide | George Khan as Head Scientist | John Hughes as Head of Military | Roberto Bryce as Omar | Said Talidi as Aziz | Clifton Lloyd Bryan as Mondoshawan / Mangalore Aknot / Airport Guard | Justin Lee Burrows as Mondoshawan | Richard Ashton as Mondoshawan | Jerome St. John Blake as Mondoshawan | Kevin Molloy as Mondoshawan / Ground Crew | Bill Reimbold as Mactilburgh's Assistant | Colin Brooks as Staedert's Captain | Anthony Chinn as Mactilburgh's Technician | Sam Douglas as Chief NY Cop | Derek Ezenagu as NY Cop | David Kennedy as Flying Cop | David Barrass as Flying Cop | Roger Monk as Flying Cop / Military Technician | Mark Seaton as Flying Cop | Jean-Luc Caron as Flying Cop | Riz Meedin as Flying Cop | Jerry Ezekiel as Flying Cop | Rachel Willis as Stewardess | Natasha Brice as Stewardess | Sophia Goth as Check-in Attendant | Martin McDougall as Warship Captain | Pete Dunwell as Diva's Manager | Paul Priestley as Cop | Stewart Harvey-Wilson as Ruby Rhod Assistant | David Fishley as Ruby Rhod Assistant | Carlton Chance as Ruby Rhod Assistant | Gin Clarke as Diva's Assistant | Vladimir McCrary as Human Aknot | Aron Paramor as Mangalore Akanit | Alan Ruscoe as Mangalore Kino | Christopher Adamson as Airport Cop | Ève Salvail as Tawdry Girl | Kaleem Janjua as Shuttle Pilot | Tyrone Tyrell as Shuttle Co-Pilot | Kevin Brewerton as Shuttle Mechanic | Ian Beckett as Baby Ray | Sonny Caldinez as Emperor Kodar Japhet | Zeta Graff as Princess Achen | Eddie Ellwood as Roy von Bacon | Yui as Fhloston Hostess | Laura De Palma as Fhloston Hostess | Lenny McLean as Police Chief | Robert Oates as Fhloston Commander | John Sharian as Fhloston Captain | Fred Williams as Hotel Manager | Sibyl Buck as Zorg's Secretary | Sarah Carrington as Scientist | Ali Yassine as Scientist | Sean Buckley as Scientist | Dane Messam as Military Technician | Nathan Hamlett as Military Technician | Cecil Cheng as Military Technician | Scott Woods as Lab Guard | Leon Dekker as Lab Guard | David Garvey as Staedert's Technician | Stanley Kowalski as Staedert's Technician | Omar Williams as Staedert's Technician | Robert Clapperton as Robot Barman | Robert Alexander as Warship Technician | Mia Frye as TV Stewardess | Leo Williams as Power Operator | C. Keith Martin as Power Operator | J.D. Dawodu as Zorg's Man | Patrick Nicholls as Zorg's Man | Shaun Davis as Zorg's Man | Roy Garcia as Zorg's Man | Alex Georgijev as Zorg's Man | Marie Guillard as Burger Assistant | Renee Montemayor as Burger Assistant | Stina Richardson as Burger Assistant | Kristen Fick as Glamorous Alien Diva at Event | François Guillaume as Mondoshawan #3 | Anita Koh as Japanese Hostess | Kamay Lau as Glamorous Japanese Girl | Tracy Redington as Stewardess | Gito Santana as VIP Lounge Worker | Frank Senger as Bodyguard | Joss Skottowe as Mangalor alien | Roger Wright as Afro Scott | John Bennett as Priest | Nicole Merry as VIP Stewardess | Stacey McKenzie as VIP Stewardess | Josie Perez as Stewardess | Producer  : Patrice Ledoux | Director  : Luc Besson |