The Family (2013)

The Family (2013)

Release Date : Sep. 13, 2013 | Rating ★★★★★★
Details : The Manzoni family a notorious mafia clan is relocated to Normandy France under the witness protection program where fitting in soon becomes challenging as their old habits die hard.
Duration : 1 Hour 51 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Robert De Niro as Fred Blake / Giovanni Manzoni

Michelle Pfeiffer as Maggie Blake

Dianna Agron as Belle Blake

John D'Leo as Warren Blake

Tommy Lee Jones as Robert Stansfield

Jimmy Palumbo as Di Cicco

David Belle as Mezzo

Vincent Pastore as Fat Willy

Paul Borghese as Albert

Stan Carp as Don Luchese

Domenick Lombardozzi as Caputo

Anthony Desio as Bernie

Jonas Bloquet as Andre

Kresh Novakovic as Vincenze

Dominic Chianese as Vinnie Caprese

Gino Cafarelli as BBQ Mobster

Joe Perrino as Joey - Mobster

Jon Freda as Rocco | Michael J. Panichelli Jr. as Billy the Bug | Ted Arcidi as Tommy | Oisin Stack as Henri | Christopher Craig as Priest | Gaëlle Jeantet as Woman in Bar | Louis Arcella as Morales | Thierry Piétra as Prison Guard | Steven Lyon as Irishman - Jail | Paul Bandey as District Attorney | Dominique Serrand as Mayor | Sophie Froissard as BBQ Guest | Dan Cade as BBQ Guest | Régis Royer as BBQ Guest | Matthew Luret as BBQ Guest | Sissi Duparc as BBQ Guest | Lou Patane as BBQ Mobster | Anthony Mangano as BBQ Mobster | Vincent Riviezzo as BBQ Mobster | Anthoula Katsimatides as Mobster Wife | Elba Sette-Camara as Mobster Wife | Ricardo Cordero as BBQ Bodyguard | Florence Muller as Madame Mangin | Dominique Parage as BBQ Guest (uncredited) | Franck Neckebrock as (uncredited) | Eric Malo as BBQ mobster (uncredited) | Joseph J. DiMartino as NY guy with fruit stand (uncredited) | Chris Cenatiempo as Wiseguy (uncredited) | Greg Antonacci as NY Mobster (uncredited) | Matthew L. Imparato as Passerby | Peter Falcetti as Passerby | Stosh Zona as NY Mobster | Charles Di Leo as BBQ Guest | Virginia Di Leo as BBQ Guest | Emmanuelle Moreau as BBQ Guest | Nathan Rippy as BBQ Guest | Giovanni Cirfiera as BBQ Guest | François Rabette as Beat Up Paparazzi | David Salles as Bad Guy - Giovanni | Patrick Médioni as Bad Guy - Giovanni | Dante Bruzzese as Kid - Oranges | Mark E. Phillips as Cop - Diner | Kevin Kolack as Cop- Diner | Dave Bobb as Cop - Diner | Mike Bocchetti as Manager Light Shop | Steven Rattazzi as BBQ Mobster | Steven Randazzo as BBQ Mobster | Abdelaziz Doukali as Mourad's Cousin | Mour as Mourad's Cousin | Moussa Maaskri as Mourad Benkassem | Samira Sedira as Mourad's Wife | Lorenzo Montalbanc as Son - Mirror Family | Alice Allwright as Daughter - Mirror Family | Marie Guillard as Mother - Mirror Family | Alain Barbier as Father - Mirror Family | Peter Hudson as Giovanni's Lawyer Court House | Marie-Anne Mestre as Audience Member | Cortez Nance Jr. as Gary's Boss | Terron Jones as Gary | Raphaël Boshart as Andre's Gang | Frédéric Dockès as Andre's Gang | Jim Schachmes as Andre's Gang | Solal Forte as Student - Belle's Class | Tom Hudson as Student - Belle's Class | Alexandre Piot as Student - Warren's Class | Charles Derondel as Student - Warren's Class | Catherine Schaub-Abkarian as Nurse | Bruno Cadillon as Teacher | Léo-Paul Salmain as Student | Maïté Blanco as Stolen Pencil Case Girl | Jimmy Loehler as Huge Boy | Robin Rafoni as J.P.'s 3rd Friend | Vincent Claude as Chubby - J.P.'s Friend | Camille Gigot as André - J.P.'s Friend | Côme Levin as J.P. | Jérémy Jean as Warren's Gang | Victoire Du Bois as Pink Ribbon Girl | Rebecca Shang as Gothic Girl | Martin Goutry as Big Kid | Simon Krel as Martin - Student Boy | Annie Mercier as Madame Arnaud | Jean-Claude Bohbote as Police Station Cop | Nicolas Wanczycki as Young Cop | Xavier Brossard as Volunteer Fire Station | Jacques Fontanel as Hospital Doctor | Leslie Menu as Usherette | Abigail Boucher as Salesman's Wife | Bruno Fleury as Salesman | Christophe Reymond as Kleptoman's Husband | Bernadette Paviot as Kleptoman Neighbor | Mario Pecqueur as Neighbor with Roses | Françoise Gazio as BBQ Guest | Chloé Oliver as BBQ Guest | Laurent Claret as BBQ Guest | Florent Guyot as BBQ Guest | Michel Aymard as BBQ Guest | Patrick Sueur as BBQ Quest | Caroline Arrouas as Chimox Secretary | Serge Tranvouez as Mr. Chambard | Christophe Kourotchkine as Sewage Plant Manager | Tonio Descanvelle as Plumber | Cédric Zimmerlin as Mr. Lemercier | Claudine Acs as Supermarket Customer | Paulette Frantz as Supermarket Customer | Jan Hammenecker as Manager | Barbara Bolotner as Waitress | Raymond Franza as Paulo | Executive Producer  : Martin Scorsese | Producer  : Luc Besson | Director  : Luc Besson |