Superman IV The Quest For Peace (1987)

Superman IV The Quest For Peace (1987)

Release Date : Jul. 23, 1987 | Rating ★★★★
Details : With global superpowers engaged in an increasingly hostile arms race Superman leads a crusade to rid the world of nuclear weapons. But Lex Luthor recently sprung from jail is declaring war on the Man of Steel and his quest to save the planet. Using a strand of Superman's hair Luthor synthesizes a powerful ally known as Nuclear Man and ignites an epic battle spanning Earth and space.
Cast and Crew :

Christopher Reeve as Superman / Clark Kent

Margot Kidder as Lois Lane

Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor

Jackie Cooper as Perry White

Marc McClure as Jimmy Olsen

Jon Cryer as Lenny

Sam Wanamaker as David Warfield

Mariel Hemingway as Lacy Warfield

Mark Pillow as Nuclear Man

William Hootkins as Harry Howler

Jim Broadbent as Jean Pierre Dubois

Don Fellows as Levon Hornsby

Robert Beatty as U.S. President

Damian McLawhorn as Jeremy | Stanley Lebor as General Romoff | Bradley Lavelle as Tall Marshall | Mac McDonald as Marshall #2 | Steve Plytas as Russian General #2 | Executive Producer  : Michael J. Kagan | Producer  : Menahem Golan | Director  : Sidney J. Furie |