Sideways (2004)

Sideways (2004)

Release Date : Oct. 22, 2004 | Rating ★★★★★★★
Details : Two middle-aged men embark on a spiritual journey through Californian wine country. One is an unpublished novelist suffering from depression and the other is only days away from walking down the aisle.
Duration : 2 Hours 7 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Paul Giamatti as Miles

Thomas Haden Church as Jack

Virginia Madsen as Maya

Sandra Oh as Stephanie

Marylouise Burke as Miles's Mother

Jessica Hecht as Victoria

Missy Doty as Cammi

Alysia Reiner as Christine Erganian

Shake Tukhmanyan as Mrs. Erganian

Shaun Duke as Mike Erganian

Robert Covarrubias as Miles's Building Manager

Patrick Gallagher as Gary the Bartender

Stephanie Faracy as Stephanie's Mother

M.C. Gainey as Cammi's Husband

Peter Dennis as Leslie Brough

Joe Marinelli as Frass Canyon Pourer | Lacey Rae as Los Olivos Waitress | Natalie Carter as Siena | Director  : Alexander Payne | Producer  : Michael London | Producer  : George Parra |