Rumor Has It (2005)

Rumor Has It (2005)

Release Date : Dec. 22, 2005 | Rating ★★★★★★
Details : Sarah Huttinger's return home with her fiance convinces her that the sedate proper country-club lifestyle of her family isn't for her and that maybe the Huttinger family isn't even hers as she uncovers secrets that suggest the Huttingers are neither sedate nor proper.
Duration : 1 Hour 36 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Jennifer Aniston as Sarah Huttinger

Kevin Costner as Beau Burroughs

Shirley MacLaine as Katharine Richelieu

Mark Ruffalo as Jeff Daly

Richard Jenkins as Earl Huttinger

Christopher McDonald as Roger McManus

Mena Suvari as Annie Huttinger

Steve Sandvoss as Scott

Rob Lanza as New Year's Eve M.C.

Erinn Bartlett as Donna

Clyde Kusatsu as Conference Attendee

Mike Vogel as Blake Burroughs

Kathy Bates as Aunt Mitsy (uncredited)

Kate McClafferty as Bridesmaid | Director  : Rob Reiner | Producer  : Paula Weinstein | Producer  : Ben Cosgrove |