Red Heat (1988)

Red Heat (1988)

Release Date : Jun. 17, 1988 | Rating ★★★★★★
Details : A tough Russian policeman is forced to partner up with a cocky Chicago police detective when he is sent to Chicago to apprehend a Georgian drug lord who killed his partner and fled the country.
Duration : 1 Hour 44 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Ivan Danko

Jim Belushi as Art Ridzik

Peter Boyle as Lou Donnelly

Ed O'Ross as Viktor Rostavili

Laurence Fishburne as Lt. Stobbs

Gina Gershon as Cat Manzetti

Brent Jennings as Abdul Elijah

Pruitt Taylor Vince as Night Clerk

Mike Hagerty as Pat Nunn

Brion James as Streak

Peter Jason as TV Announcer

Savely Kramarov as Gregor Moussorsky

Sven-Ole Thorsen as Nikolai

Kurt Fuller as Detective

Richard Bright as Sgt. Gallagher | J.W. Smith as Salim | Gretchen Palmer as Hooker | Gloria Delaney as Intern | Oleg Vidov as Yuri Ogarkov | Gene Scherer as Consul Stepanovich | Tengiz Borisoff as Josip Baroda | Roger Callard as Pytor Tatomovich | Gábor Koncz as Vagran Rostavili | Géza Balkay as Col. Kulikov | Zsolt Körtvélyessy as Lt. Redetsky | János Bán as Officer | Masanori Toguchi as Mongol Hippy | Norbert Növényi as Sacha | Istvan Etlenyi as Yegor | George Gati as Piano Player | Peter Marikovsky as Waiter | Gábor Németh as Gangster | Istvan Vajas as Gangster | Peter Kis as Gangster | Atilla Fási as Gangster | Eric Mansker as Ali | Lew Hopson as Jamal | Jason Ronard as Nelligan | Gigi Vorgan as Officer Audrey | Allan Graf as Joliet Prison Guard | Bruno Alexander as Detective | Christopher Mankiewicz as Cop in Hospital | Bob O'Donnell as Bernie the Newsie | Marjorie Bransfield as Waitress | Luis Contreras as Lupo | Christopher Anthony Young as Hooligan | William McConnell as Police Photographer | Ed DeFusco as Police Photographer | Joey D. Vieira as Man at Phone Booth | Michael Adams as Railroad Engineer | Director  : Walter Hill | Producer  : Walter Hill | Executive Producer  : Mario Kassar | Producer  : Gordon Carroll | Executive Producer  : Andrew G. Vajna |