Quincy Season 5

Quincy Season 5 Episode 1

Episode 1 - [No Way To Treat A Flower]
Details : Quincy investigates the death of a teenager who smoked marijuana treated with a chemical that stimulates plant growth.
Guest Cast and Crew : Joan Freeman | Pat Renella | Director : Ray Danton |
Air Date : Sep. 20, 1979

Quincy Season 5 Episode 2

Episode 2 - [Dead Last]
Details : Quincy and Danny go to the tack and while there see a horse go wild in the stables. The horse kills one of the jockeys but after completing his autopsy Quincy thinks that it wasn't an accident! That someone murdered the man and tried to make it look as if the horse killed him. The problem Quincy has though is to actually prove his theory and not even the purchasing of some horse hooves and the unusual step of autopsying a horse can help him. Though Asten has fits about the cost of both these steps to find the truth!
Guest Cast and Crew : Austin Willis | Lou Wagner | John Furlong | Don Barry | Frank McRae | Director : Ray Danton |
Air Date : Sep. 27, 1979

Quincy Season 5 Episode 3

Episode 3 - [By The Death Of A Child]
Details : The small nation of San Christos has a new progressive America friendly president. His hold on power is fragile and he could be toppled if the rumor of an American supplied Diphtheria vaccine is killing the children it is supposed to be saving. Quincy and Sam are sent to the country to find out the truth and save the children if they can.
Guest Cast and Crew : Peter Brocco | David Opatoshu | Robert Loggia | Carmen Argenziano | Richard Eastham | Arthur Rosenberg | Ina Balin | Writer : Robert Crais | Director : Alan Cooke |
Air Date : Oct. 04, 1979

Quincy Season 5 Episode 4

Episode 4 - [Never A Child]
Details : After performing an autopsy on a young woman Quincy finds out about a man called' Uncle Harry'. He preys on young girls runaways who arrive in Los Angeles alone and scared. Quincy helps Carol Treager who runs a home for runaways whose lease is about to run out to not only track down a missing young girl who was seen in the company of ‘Uncle Harry' but to also try and get a new place for her and ‘her' kids.
Guest Cast and Crew : Tara Buckman | Cassie Yates | Melora Hardin | Director : Ray Danton | Writer : Sam Egan |
Air Date : Oct. 11, 1979

Quincy Season 5 Episode 5

Episode 5 - [Hot Ice]
Details : Two customs officers want Quincy's help in catching arresting a diamond smuggling ring. A courier they were following was killed when a bus at the airport and as Quincy is going to a Las Vegas to judge a Miss Coroner Contest; they want him to take the couriers place. He has to deliver the diamonds to a known mobster something he really really does not want to do!
Guest Cast and Crew : John Karlen | David Sheiner | Elaine Giftos | Katherine Moffat | Nicholas Georgiade | Elsa Raven | Director : Ray Danton | Writer : Robert Crais |
Air Date : Oct. 18, 1979

Quincy Season 5 Episode 6

Episode 6 - [Sweet Land Of Liberty]
Details : A policeman is killed while on a routine visit to a house. The killer turns out to be an old friend of Sam's the gentlest man Sam has ever known. Arrested he admits that he killed the policeman and then while in a cell kills himself. Sam is determined to find out what changed his friend and investigates. He finds radiation in the jawbone and uncovers the story of a military experience in Germany that involved torture and possibly the force-feeding of a radioactive drug. Can Sam prove that this is what caused his friend to kill and restore his good name?
Guest Cast and Crew : Logan Ramsey | Marcia Rodd | Paul Mantee | Director : Robert Loggia |
Air Date : Oct. 25, 1979

Quincy Season 5 Episode 7

Episode 7 - [Mode Of Death]
Details : An evangelist whose church is being investigated by the government is found dead in a motel room. drugs and alcohol at his bedside table. Quincy is told to come up with the mode of death quickly everyone wants to know how and why he died. The scientific results are borderline so Quincy asks Asten to authorize a psychological autopsy.
Guest Cast and Crew : Sarah Rush | Marshall Thompson | Byron Morrow | Irene Tedrow | William Bogert | Granville Van Dusen | Regis Cordic | Stephen Elliott | Fritzi Burr | Ron Ellis | Director : Rod Holcomb |
Air Date : Nov. 01, 1979

Quincy Season 5 Episode 8

Episode 8 - [Nowhere To Run]
Guest Cast and Crew : Danny Goldman | Charles Aidman | James A. Watson Jr | Director : Jeffrey Hayden |
Air Date : Nov. 08, 1979

Quincy Season 5 Episode 9

Episode 9 - [The Money Plague]
Details : ‘R.W. Collins' a famous hijacker who escaped by parachuting out of a plane with his money five years ago is found dead hanging from a tree in the National Park he bailed out over. He died before he hit the ground and has been hanging there undiscovered for 5 years now. Quincy and Sam are sent to the scene to see if they can find out whom the man really was. When they reach the park they find that things are a lot worse than they could have imagined the anthrax particles he used to hijack the plane were released when the body was found and are spreading throughout the area infecting people who come into contact with it.
Guest Cast and Crew : Frank Parker | Harry Townes | Roger Perry | Chris Gampel | Henry Beckman | Henry Slate | Writer : Chris Bunch | Writer : Allan Cole | Director : Rod Holcomb | Writer : Sam Egan |
Air Date : Nov. 15, 1979

Quincy Season 5 Episode 10

Episode 10 - [For The Benefit Of My Patients]
Details : Quincy has to autopsy a man who died at the county hospital. He is amazed at the ability of the Dr. who tried to save him. It turns out though that the patient was originally taken to a different hospital that turned the ambulance away because the man did not have any insurance. Quincy visits the hospital and after seeing the same thing happen again decides to make sure that the owner Dr. Rollins does not get to buy another local hospital and run it the same way.
Guest Cast and Crew : Tony Plana | George DelHoyo | Beverly Sanders | James Karen | John Fiedler | Director : Jeremiah Morris |
Air Date : Nov. 22, 1979

Quincy Season 5 Episode 11

Episode 11 - [Murder By S o p]
Details : On his way to a Forensic Pathologist convention in Sacramento the Sheriff of a small town stops Quincy on the road. He was trying to stay awake by sticking his head out of the window. The Sheriff decides to put Quincy in jail for his own good. That night a fire starts in the cells and four men die. The towns' authorities call all the deaths accidental but Quincy doing some of the autopsies to help the local Dr. is convinced that one of the victims was murdered.
Guest Cast and Crew : Alfred Ryder | Paul Lambert | Edward Andrews | John Ireland | Writer : Robert Crais |
Air Date : Nov. 29, 1979

Quincy Season 5 Episode 12

Episode 12 - [Honor Thy Elders]
Details : After Quincy's traces an old man's death to his son's physical abuse he is faced with a similar case involving the exploitation of two elderly women by their unscrupulous nephew.
Guest Cast and Crew : Susan French | Joby Baker | Julie Adams | Estelle Winwood | Barbara Tarbuck | Leonard Stone | Garnett Smith | Elvia Allman | Director : Ray Danton | Writer : Sam Egan |
Air Date : Jan. 10, 1980

Quincy Season 5 Episode 13

Episode 13 - [Diplomatic Immunity]
Details : President Sarejo the ruler of a small South American country has come to America for some urgent hospital treatment. He brings with him most of his cabinet so that he can keep an eye on them while away. What with them and the large number of his countrymen protesting outside the hospital there are an awful lot of people who may want him dead. It isn't him who dies though; first one of his cabinet and then another die of suspected heart attacks.
Guest Cast and Crew : Ren Enrquez | Robert Quarry | Judson Pratt | Stuart Nisbet | George Wyner | Luis Contreras | Valentin de Vargas | Anna Navarro | Hector Elias | Director : Ray Danton |
Air Date : Jan. 17, 1980

Quincy Season 5 Episode 14

Episode 14 - [Riot]
Details : Quincy and Sam are called to a prison to help investigate the murder of one of the inmates. Once there they soon find themselves held hostage by the prisoners when they begin a riot.
Guest Cast and Crew : Marc Alaimo | John Milford | Writer : Chris Bunch | Writer : Allan Cole | Director : Rod Holcomb |
Air Date : Jan. 31, 1980

Quincy Season 5 Episode 15

Episode 15 - [Cover-Up]
Details : A nurse seeks help from Quincy when a heart-attack victim dies at the medical center where she works. Her boss and the two doctors involved want her help in trying to cover up the true circumstances of what happened. She fears for her job if she doesn't help and her career if she does.
Guest Cast and Crew : Michael Fox | Sab Shimono | Norman Burton | Michael Durrell | Margaret Ladd | Lin McCarthy | Dave Shelley | Director : Paul Stanley |
Air Date : Feb. 07, 1980

Quincy Season 5 Episode 16

Episode 16 - [Unhappy Hour]
Details : Dr. Asten's niece is involved in a car accident while drunk and it is up to Quincy to try and establish whether she was the driver of the car or whether it was her friend who died in the crash who was driving. Asten gets Quincy to swap jobs with him for a day so that he can find out how hard it is to run the place.
Guest Cast and Crew : Madlyn Rhue | Paul Lambert | Joseph Sirola | Director : Ray Danton | Writer : Sam Egan |
Air Date : Feb. 14, 1980

Quincy Season 5 Episode 17

Episode 17 - [The Winning Edge]
Details : While investigating the sudden death of a high school gymnast Quincy begins to think that her teacher was giving her and her other students more than just coaching and advice. His discoveries lead him to think that she has been supplying them with steroids and other drugs.
Guest Cast and Crew : Holly Gagnier | Christian LeBlanc | Jennifer Holmes | Robert Torti | Director : Georg Fenady |
Air Date : Feb. 21, 1980

Quincy Season 5 Episode 18

Episode 18 - [New Blood]
Details : Asten forces Quincy to take some unwanted vacation time and brings in a temporary replacement Dr. McCracken a pathologist rather than a Medical Examiner. That very same day the body of a controversial Congressman Laurence Bridges is found at the bottom of a flight of stairs in his office. With the press and police wanting a quick answer to what happened to Brideges Quincy is convinced that McCracken will not do a thorough enough job. A personality clash occurs between him and McCracken as he tries to get himself involved in her case.
Guest Cast and Crew : Beverly Adams | James T. Callahan | Dennis Haysbert | Writer : Jeri Taylor |
Air Date : Feb. 28, 1980

Quincy Season 5 Episode 19

Episode 19 - [Tko]
Details : Two days after winning a boxing championship a young boxer collapses and dies while looking at new cars. At the same time Danny's chef Alfredo goes to a cheap doctor for a hernia operation. A routine procedure but he dies during it. Quincy's investigations lead to a connection between the two. Frustrated with Quincy never being around when he needs him Asten supplies him with a pager. That way he can contact Quincy whenever he wants much to the annoyance of Quincy.
Guest Cast and Crew : Herbert Jefferson Jr. | Pete Schrum | Allan Miller | Frank Maxwell | Nedra Volz | Dick Wilson | Robert Hardy | Director : Lawrence Doheny | Writer : Sam Egan |
Air Date : Mar. 13, 1980

Quincy Season 5 Episode 20

Episode 20 - [The Final Gift]
Details : Two old Korean war buddies of Quincy's Charlie and Max have an accident in one of the planes owned by their company. Although the most badly injured of the two should have survived for some reason he dies in hospital. The police think that Charlie could have killed his partner because of another bigger company wanting to buy up theirs and Quincy sets out to prove that he would not have done such a thing to his best friend and partner.
Guest Cast and Crew : Ellen Bry | Joseph Campanella | Don Keefer | Writer : Robert A. Cinader | Director : Georg Fenady |
Air Date : Mar. 20, 1980

Quincy Season 5 Episode 21

Episode 21 - [Deadly Arena]
Details : Three deaths due to food poisoning are linked to a football stadium where a big championship game is due to take place. Quincy has three days to find the source before 90000 spectators come to watch and are put in jeopardy.
Guest Cast and Crew : Tammy Lauren | Richard Venture | Diana Muldaur | Milton Selzer | Director : Jeffrey Hayden | Writer : Robert A. Cinader | Writer : Sam Egan |
Air Date : Mar. 27, 1980
Quincy Season 5 Episode 22
Episode 22 - [No Way To Treat A Patient]
Details : A young physician may lose his license over his alleged mishandling of a gunshot victim.
Guest Cast and Crew : Ana Alicia | Peter Donat | Writer : Glen A. Larson | Writer : Robert A. Cinader | Director : Georg Fenady |
Air Date : Apr. 30, 1980