Quincy Season 3

Quincy Season 3 Episode 1

Episode 1 - [No Deadly Secret]
Details : At 4 am one morning Quincy is awoken by the arrival of a man at his boat. He is in a very bad shape and he dies before Quincy can do anything to save him. He takes him to the morgue and does an autopsy on him. The next morning Quincy is surprised to find that his results and slides have not turned up. When he goes to find out why he finds out that they are not all that is missing so is the body! Without any proof of a body everyone thinks that he must have been mistaken especially when Monaghan visits the man's workplace and finds him there!
Guest Cast and Crew : Elaine Joyce | Mary Frann | Harry Landers | Norman Burton | Ben Frank | Keene Curtis | Paul Mantee | Susan Tolsky | Ina Balin | Creed Bratton | Dennis Burkley | Carlene Watkins | Henry Slate | Director : Jackie Cooper |
Air Date : Sep. 16, 1977

Quincy Season 3 Episode 2

Episode 2 - [A Blow To The Head A Blow To The Heart]
Details : After a championship bout a young boxer collapses and dies. His wife thinks that it wasn't an accident and asks Quincy a friend of her husband's trainer and the coroner on call to see if he can find out how he really died. Once Quincy has completed the autopsy he begins to wonder if the woman is right there is certainly something that does not seem to be quite right with the death something that is made even more certain when Quincy is approached by 4 thugs who tell him in no uncertain terms that he better hurry up and make his report.
Guest Cast and Crew : Joe Louis | Gene LeBell | Nehemiah Persoff | Moses Gunn | Lynne Moody | Norman Alden | Rudy Bond | Director : Corey Allen |
Air Date : Sep. 23, 1977

Quincy Season 3 Episode 3

Episode 3 - [A Dead Man's Truth]
Details : A rookie cop and his partner are called to a break in at a shop when they arrive they go into a dark shop and start to search it. The criminal is still inside and when they find him an altercation ensues and ends up with the rookie cop shooting the burglar. After an autopsy Quincy quickly discovers that the story the rookie is telling is not the truth. With a crusading TV reporter looking into police brutality Monahan wants Quincy to find out exactly what happened and why the rookie is lying before the reports condemn him and ruin his chance of a career in the police.
Guest Cast and Crew : Joseph Gallison | Roger Bowen | Howard Hesseman | Ron Gans | Dabney Coleman | Nora Heflin | Director : Vic Morrow |
Air Date : Sep. 30, 1977

Quincy Season 3 Episode 4

Episode 4 - [A Question Of Time]
Details : An alleged accidental drowning at a Health Spa pits Quincy against a slick attorney hired to prevent adverse publicity from affecting profits.
Guest Cast and Crew : Peter Mark Richman | Irene Tedrow | Peter Hobbs | Sandra Giles | Director : Ray Danton |
Air Date : Oct. 14, 1977

Quincy Season 3 Episode 5

Episode 5 - [Death Casts A Vote]
Details : Two labor leaders are fighting for votes from the farm workers in the Los Angeles area. When a young union worker dies seemingly committing suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning both leaders come under suspicion. Even more so when Quincy announces in a press conference that he is not convinced that it was suicide and that it may have been murder.
Guest Cast and Crew : James Gregory | Don Diamond | Joaquín Martínez | Writer : William Froug |
Air Date : Oct. 21, 1977

Quincy Season 3 Episode 6

Episode 6 - [Tissue Of Truth]
Details : When a kidnapper dies in a car crash after trying to pick up his ransom the only clue that will help the police find the missing boy is a half eaten apple. It is up to Quincy to use his medical expertise to uncover where the kidnapped boy has been hidden.
Guest Cast and Crew : Lenka Peterson | Ralph Taeger | Stephen W. Burns | Royal Dano | Ivor Francis | George Cheung | Director : Ray Danton |
Air Date : Oct. 28, 1977

Quincy Season 3 Episode 7

Episode 7 - [Holding Pattern]
Details : Quincy has to persuade a group of hijackers that the plane they and their hostages are on has been exposed to a deadly virus.
Guest Cast and Crew : Gerald S. O'Loughlin | Madison Mason | Phil Leeds |
Air Date : Nov. 04, 1977

Quincy Season 3 Episode 8

Episode 8 - [Main Man]
Details : An autopsy on a college football star reveals a congenital brain disease and Quincy urges the victim's younger brother to stay out of the next high school game. But the boy's father and the school are determined to win the championship at any cost.
Guest Cast and Crew : Leslie Ackerman | Eugene Roche | Julie Adams | Peter Brown | Director : Ray Danton |
Air Date : Nov. 11, 1977

Quincy Season 3 Episode 9

Episode 9 - [The Hero Syndrome]
Details : A man confesses to murder thinking that he has killed his boss but Quincy is not convinced that his blow was the one that killed the man and believes that he is not the guilty party.
Guest Cast and Crew : Robert Walker Jr. | Judson Pratt | Shelly Novack | Bill Quinn | Bruce Weitz | Carmine Caridi | Director : Gerald Mayer |
Air Date : Nov. 18, 1977

Quincy Season 3 Episode 10

Episode 10 - [Touch Of Death]
Details : The sudden unexplained death of a Japanese martial artist movie star leaves Quincy without an assistant. Sam quits after urging him not to perform an autopsy on the man as it is against the religion of his parents. Quincy tries to balance his need for knowledge to find out how the man died and the feelings of his best friend.
Guest Cast and Crew : Joanna Kerns | Keye Luke | Harold Sakata | Booth Colman | Mako Iwamatsu | Chao Li Chi | Richard Narita | Shizuko Hoshi | Director : Alexander Singer |
Air Date : Dec. 02, 1977

Quincy Season 3 Episode 11

Episode 11 - [The Deadly Connection]
Details : After twelve people in a small town fall victim to a mysterious epidemic Quincy and Sam are sent on a mission to identify the disease before the victims die.
Guest Cast and Crew : Guy Stockwell | Judy Farrell | Katherine Moffat | Ted Eccles | Elisha Cook Jr. | Director : Alex March |
Air Date : Dec. 09, 1977

Quincy Season 3 Episode 12

Episode 12 - [Last Of The Dinosaurs]
Details : When Will Preston a western movie star and one of Quincy's idols is found dead Quincy clashes with Lt. Monahan over what really happened to cause his death.
Guest Cast and Crew : Cameron Mitchell | Carolyn Jones | John Anderson |
Air Date : Dec. 16, 1977

Quincy Season 3 Episode 13

Episode 13 - [Crib Job]
Details : After dealing with what seems to be an open and shut murder case Quincy is ready to close his findings. Then he receives a request from a friend of his runs a program that helps old and young people work together. It seems that the suspect is one of the boys in his program and he doesn't believe that he could have killed someone. Not only that but the program could lose it's funding if it is true and this would be detrimental to both the old and young it helps. Quincy promises to look into the matter and see if he can help.
Guest Cast and Crew : T. K. Carter | Joe Warfield | Rosey Grier | Frank Faylen | Milton Selzer | J. Pat O'Malley | Director : Alex March |
Air Date : Jan. 06, 1978

Quincy Season 3 Episode 14

Episode 14 - [Matters Of Life And Death]
Details : Quincy is asked to cover for a GP working in a small community north of Los Angeles. There he becomes involved in a case of medical negligence after the death of a local man.
Guest Cast and Crew : Sarah Rush | Walter Brooke | Argentina Brunetti | Natalie Trundy | William Benedict | Henry Beckman | John Fiedler |
Air Date : Jan. 20, 1978

Quincy Season 3 Episode 15

Episode 15 - [Passing]
Details : Quincy races against the clock to confirm that the skull of an apparent murder victim is that of a union leader who had disappeared two years earlier.
Guest Cast and Crew : Neva Patterson | Michael Strong | Phillip Pine | Frank Maxwell | Simon Oakland | Zohra Lampert |
Air Date : Jan. 27, 1978

Quincy Season 3 Episode 16

Episode 16 - [Accomplice To Murder]
Details : Quincy stakes his reputation on his forensic findings which suggest that an influential businessman is responsible for the death of his estranged wife.
Guest Cast and Crew : Ford Rainey | Byron Morrow | Belinda Montgomery | Robert Colbert | Chevi Colton |
Air Date : Feb. 03, 1978

Quincy Season 3 Episode 17

Episode 17 - [Ashes To Ashes]
Details : A young woman dies in a bar apparently of a heart attack. After the autopsy Quincy is sure that something is not quite as it seems and soon discovers some unsettling facts about her husband.
Guest Cast and Crew : Simone Griffeth | Judith Baldwin | John Fink | Larry D. Mann | Janice Lynde | Writer : Max Hodge |
Air Date : Feb. 10, 1978

Quincy Season 3 Episode 18

Episode 18 - [Gone But Not Forgotten]
Details : Quincy investigates the death of an eccentric millionaire whose lavish penthouse was protected by a supposedly impenetrable security system.
Guest Cast and Crew : Joan Van Ark | Ramon Bieri | John Colicos | Patricia Smith | Writer : Tom Sawyer |
Air Date : Feb. 17, 1978

Quincy Season 3 Episode 19

Episode 19 - [Double Death]
Details : A rushed autopsy by Dr. Asten places Quincy in a difficult position as he tries to clear his bosses' name.
Guest Cast and Crew : Joy Garrett | Lara Parker | Leonard Frey | George Wyner | Joseph V. Perry | Frank Campanella | Bob Hastings | Director : Robert Douglas |
Air Date : Mar. 03, 1978

Quincy Season 3 Episode 20

Episode 20 - [Requiem For The Living]
Details : While working late at the lab Quincy and Sam are taken hostage by syndicate chief Vincent DiNardi. He has been poisoned and wants the two medical examiners to find out how the toxin was administered. Once he knows that he can make sure arrangements are completed for his revenge before he dies.
Guest Cast and Crew : Larry Gelman | Max Showalter | Val Avery | John Vernon | Ina Balin | Henry Slate | Terri Lynn Wood as Lisa DiNardi |
Air Date : Mar. 10, 1978