Police Academy 4 Citizens On Patrol (1987)

Police Academy 4 Citizens On Patrol (1987)

Release Date : Apr. 02, 1987 | Rating ★★★★★
Details : A new batch of recruits arrives at Police Academy this time a group of civilian volunteers who have joined Commandant Lassard's new Citizens on Patrol program. Although the community relations project has strong governmental support a disgusted Captain Harris is determined to see it fail.
Duration : 1 Hour 27 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Steve Guttenberg as Sgt. Carey Mahoney

Bubba Smith as Sgt. Moses Hightowe

Michael Winslow as Sgt. Larvelle Jones

Sharon Stone as Claire Mattson

David Graf as Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry

Bobcat Goldthwait as Cadet Zed

G. W. Bailey as Captain Thaddeus Harris

David Spade as Kyle

Steve Caballero as Skateboarder

Tony Hawk as Skateboarder

Colleen Camp as Sgt. Kathleen Kirkland-Tackleberry

Tim Kazurinsky as Sweetchuck

Marion Ramsey as Hooks

Lance Kinsey as Proctor

George Gaynes as Commandant Lassard

Scott Thomson as Copeland

Billie Bird as Mrs. Feldman

Leslie Easterbrook as Callahan

Brian Tochi as Nogata

Brian Backer as Arnie

Tab Thacker as Officer Thomas 'House' Conklin | Jack Creley as Judge | Corinne Bohrer as Laura | Producer  : Paul Maslansky | Director  : Jim Drake |