Mollys Game (2017)

Mollys Game (2017)

Release Date : Jan. 01, 2017 | Rating ★★★★★★★
Details : Molly Bloom a young skier and former Olympic hopeful becomes a successful entrepreneur (and a target of an FBI investigation) when she establishes a high-stakes international poker game.
Duration : 2 Hours 20 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom

Idris Elba as Charlie Jaffey

Kevin Costner as Larry Bloom

Michael Cera as Player X

Jeremy Strong as Dean Keith

Chris O'Dowd as Douglas Downey

Brian d'Arcy James as Bad Brad

Bill Camp as Harlan Eustice

Graham Greene as Judge Foxman

Madison McKinley as Shelby

Claire Rankin as Mother

Samantha Isler as Molly (age 13-15)

Piper Howell as Molly (age 7)

Alan C. Peterson as Stranger

Chris Owens as LA Player

J. C. MacKenzie as Harrison Wellstone | Justin Kirk as Jay | Angela Gots as B | Natalie Krill as Winston | Stephanie Herfield as Jesse | Joe Keery as Trust Fund Cole | Michael Kostroff as Louis Butterman | Victor Serfaty as Diego | Whitney Peak as Stella | Jon Bass as Shelly Habib | Joseph Brooks as Eli | Kjartan Hewitt as Player | Khalid Klein as Neal | Chris Hoffman as Derrick | Matthew D. Matteo as Bobby | Jacob Blair as Jeremy Bloom | Chris Boyle as Jordan Bloom | Duane Murray as Agent Delarosa | Jeff Kassel as Donnie Silverman | Dan Lett as David Sagen | Timothy Mooney as Reggie | Moti Yona as Iliya Gershen | Leo Vernik as Alex Gershen | John Nelles as Ski Coach | Jason Weinberg as John G | Rachel Skarsten as Leah | Linette Doherty as Court Clerk | Robert B. Kennedy as Alexander Rosenfeld | Morgan David Jones as Brennan | Elisa Moolecherry as Bankruptcy Lawyer | Dov Tiefenbach as Club Customer | Bo Martyn as Club Girl | Amy Rutherford as Doctor | Frank Falcone as Pit Boss | Kris Siddiqi as Guest | Jonathan Purdon as Jonathan Hirsch | David Reale as LA Player | Jake Goldsbie as LA Player | Todd Thomas Dark as LA Player | Gary Brennan as LA Player | Tom Black as LA Player | Ken Linton as LA Player | Zachary Goodbaum as LA Player | Tony Stellisano as LA Player | Tommy Julien as LA Player | Jason Pithawalla as LA Player | James Hurlburt as LA Player | John Krpan as LA Player | Shane Harbison as LA Player | Vasilios Pappas as LA Player | Rae Anne Stroeder as EMT #1 | Alanna Macaulay as EMT #2 | George Tchortov as Mike Davidoff | Thomas Hauff as Mr. Sernovitz | Ari Cohen as NY Player | David Lafontaine as NY Player | David Gingrich as NY Player | Jeffrey Parazzo as NY Player | Bruno Verdoni as Pat | Rico Tudico as Paul | Mary Ashton as Tracy | Lizzy DeClement as Skate Rental Woman | Catherine Burdon as Female Agent | Laura Cilevitz as Jeremy's Girlfriend | Amy Stewart as Jordan's Wife | Steve Brandes as Court Marshall | Phil Primmer as Ski Patrol Leader | Gurdeep Ahluwalia as Commentator #1 | Dan Duran as Commentator #2 | Vladimir Tsyglian as Arthur Azen | Dennis Drummond as Azen's Lawyer | Nicholas Banks as Sigel's Lawyer | Michael Cohen as Sigel | Karl Danhoffer as Habib's Lawyer | Daoud Heidami as Hot Dog Vendor | Maria Lerinman as Waitress | Alyssa Veniece as Bartender | Robin Read as Frederick | Randy Noojin as Plaza Doorman | Dave Alaimo as Poker Player (uncredited) | Brian Cranstone as Technician (uncredited) | Gregory Falatek as Rocker (uncredited) | Producer  : Mark Gordon | Director  : Aaron Sorkin | Writer  : Aaron Sorkin | Executive Producer  : Oren Aviv | Executive Producer  : Stuart M. Besser | Executive Producer  : Robert Simonds | Executive Producer  : Wang Zhonglei | Executive Producer  : Wang Zhongjun | Executive Producer  : Leopoldo Gout | Producer  : Matt Jackson | Producer  : Amy Pascal | Executive Producer  : Adam Fogelson | Executive Producer  : Donald Tang | Executive Producer  : Felice Bee |