Lucy (2014)

Lucy (2014)

Release Date : Jul. 25, 2014 | Rating ★★★★★★
Details : A woman accidentally caught in a dark deal turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic.
Duration : 1 Hour 29 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Scarlett Johansson as Lucy Miller

Morgan Freeman as Professor Samuel Norman

Choi Min-sik as Mr. Jang

Amr Waked as Pierre Del Rio

Julian Rhind-Tutt as The Limey

Pilou Asbæk as Richard

Analeigh Tipton as Caroline

Shin Yoo-ram as Jang's Lieutenant

Nicolas Phongpheth as Jii

Paul Lefèvre as French Mule

Jan Oliver Schroeder as German Mule

Seo Chong-ju as Jang's Lieutenant | Luca Angeletti as Italian Mule | Pierre Poirot as Professor | Pierre Grammont as Professor | Bertrand Quoniam as Professor | Loïc Brabant as Professor | Pascal Loison as Drug Addict | Pierre Gérard as Airport Doctor | Isabelle Cagnat as Airport Nurse | Frédéric Chau as Cabin Manager | Claire Tran as Flight Attendant | François Legrand as Business Man Plane | Bob Martet as Customs Officer | Cédric Chevalme as Cop Daniel | Alexis Rangheard as Cop Robert | Tonio Descanvelle as Cop Sergeant | Julien Personnaz as Cop | Christophe Lavalle as Cop | Renaud Cestre as Student | Thibault Segouin as Student | Matthew Bravais as Student | Claire Zaniolo as Student | Alessandro Giallocosta as Marco Brezzi | Wolfgang Pissors as Berlin Custom Officer | Sifan Shao as Chinese Doctor | Paul Chan as Taipei Surgeon | Chou Chung-Wei as Jang's Man | Huan Jhih-Cyuan as Jang's Man | I. Cheng-Sheng as Jang's Man | Frank Ma as Jang's Man | Tseng Sheng-En as Jang's Man | Liu Hsieh-Min as Mahjong Room Man | Sandra Abouav as Prehistoric Lucy | Abel Aboualiten as Prehistoric Man | Ken Lin as Regent Hotel Concierge #1 | Hsing Feng as Lucy's Driver | Hao-Hsiang Hsu as Warehouse Man Driver | Laura D'Arista as Lucy's Mother (voice) | Eunyul Hong as Phone Voice Royal Suite (voice) | Samuel Churin as The Receptionist | Mason Lee as Regent Hotel Concierge #2 | Mohammad Aslam Ansari as Fakir | Kevin Dust as American Native Indian | Diego Llano as American Native Indian | Timothy Reevis as American Native Indian | Jaysson Reyes De La Cruz as American Native Indian | German Tintaya Mamani as American Native Indian | Kanneti Sawe Han as Rubik's Cube Boy | Executive Producer  : Marc Shmuger | Producer  : Virginie Besson-Silla | Director  : Luc Besson | Writer  : Luc Besson |