Junior (1994)

Junior (1994)

Release Date : Nov. 22, 1994 | Rating ★★★★★
Details : As part of a fertility research project a male scientist agrees to carry a pregnancy in his own body.
Duration : 1 Hour 49 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dr. Alex Hesse

Danny DeVito as Dr. Larry Arbogast

Emma Thompson as Dr. Diana Reddin

Frank Langella as Noah Banes

Pamela Reed as Angela

Aida Turturro as Louise

James Eckhouse as Ned Sneller

Megan Cavanagh as Willow

Kathleen Chalfant as Casitas Madres Receptionist

Christopher Meloni as Mr. Lanzarotta

Stefan Gierasch as Edward Sawyer

Kevin West as Lyndon Executive

Anna Gunn as Casitas Madres Receptionist

Lawrence Tierney as Mover

Welker White as Jenny | Merle Kennedy as Samantha | Judy Collins as Naomi | Mindy Seeger as Alice | Antoinette Peragine as Mrs. Lanzarotta | Cassandra Wilson as Singer | Ellen McLaughlin as Chairwoman (FDA) | Alexander Enberg as Arthur | Judy Ovitz as Stewardess | Ira Newborn as Lyndon Executive | Misa Koprova as Lyndon Receptionist | Jodi Knotts as Waiting Room Woman | Michele Abrams as Waiting Room Woman | John Pinette as Clerk | Fred Stoller as Waiter | Lisa Summerour as Casitas Madres Exercise Attendant | Kristina Hardee as Casitas Madres Exercise Attendant | Leah Teweles as Mrs. Logan | Maggie Han as Lab Assistant | Charmaine Alicia Mancil as Scanner Guard | Matt Mulhern as Mover | Christopher Pray as Reporter | John Yang as Reporter | Sara Peery as Reporter | Jan Yanehiro as Reporter | Dennis O'Donnell as Reporter | Beth Campbell Fitzgerald as Reporter | Lawrence T. Wrentz as Campus Security Guard | Brianna McConnell as Junior | Brittany McConnell as Junior | Ryan Doss as Jake | Zachary Doss as Jake | Christian Giammichele as Library Baby | Kieran Giammichele as Library Baby | Monika Schnarre as Angelic Nurse | Allen Walls as Banquet Waiter | Kevin Sifuentes as Banquet Valet | Tom Dugan as Lobster Man | Holly Wortell as Lobster Woman | Susan Dills as Campus Gals | Maggy Myers Davidson as Campus Gals | Peter Chen as Taxi Driver | Dean Jacobson as Turkel | Mary Gordon Murray as Betty | Julie Nunis as Ticket Agent | Dayna Winston as Stewardess at Boarding Gate | Brandon Ross as Banquet Musician | Lonnie Plaxico as Banquet Musician | Jeff Haynes as Banquet Musician | Steven 'Lance' Carter as Banquet Musician | Charles Burnham as Banquet Musician | Dee Hengstler as Banquet Dancer | Bubba Dean Rambo as Banquet Dancer | Daryl Richardson as Banquet Dancer | Jerald Vincent as Banquet Dancer | Nina DeNike as Banquet Dancer | Maurice Schwartzman as Banquet Dancer | Kim Wolfe as Banquet Dancer | Charles McGowan as Banquet Dancer | Director  : Ivan Reitman | Producer  : Ivan Reitman | Executive Producer  : Daniel Goldberg | Executive Producer  : Joe Medjuck | Executive Producer  : Beverly J. Camhe |