Its Complicated (2009)

Its Complicated (2009)

Release Date : Dec. 23, 2009 | Rating ★★★★★★
Details : Ten years after their divorce Jane and Jake Adler unite for their son's college graduation and unexpectedly end up sleeping together. But Jake is married and Jane is embarking on a new romance with her architect. Now she has to sort out her life—just when she thought she had it all figured out.
Duration : 2 Hours 0 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Meryl Streep as Jane Adler

Steve Martin as Adam Schaffer

Alec Baldwin as Jake Adler

John Krasinski as Harley

Lake Bell as Agness Adler

Mary Kay Place as Joanne

Rita Wilson as Trisha

Alexandra Wentworth as Diane

Hunter Parrish as Luke Adler

Zoe Kazan as Gabby Adler

Emjay Anthony as Pedro Adler

Nora Dunn as Sally

Bruce Altman as Ted

Valente Rodriguez as Reynaldo

Geneva Carr as Woman at Fertility Clinic

Caitlin Fitzgerald as Lauren Adler | Robert Curtis Brown as Peter | James Patrick Stuart as Dr. Moss | Peter MacKenzie as Dr. Allen | Sean Hamrin as Oliver | Emily Kinney as Waitress | Marina Squerciati as Melanie | Blanchard Ryan as Woman at Fertility Clinic | Jennifer Restivo as Woman at Bar | Producer  : Scott Rudin | Director  : Nancy Meyers | Producer  : Nancy Meyers | Executive Producer  : Ilona Herzberg | Executive Producer  : Suzanne McNeill Farwell |