In And Out (1997)

In And Out (1997)

Release Date : Sep. 10, 1997 | Rating ★★★★★★
Details : A midwestern teacher questions his sexuality after a former student makes a comment about him at the Academy Awards.
Duration : 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Kevin Kline as Howard Brackett

Joan Cusack as Emily Montgomery

Tom Selleck as Peter Malloy

Matt Dillon as Cameron Drake

Debbie Reynolds as Berniece Brackett

Wilford Brimley as Frank Brackett

Bob Newhart as Tom Halliwell

Gregory Jbara as Walter Brackett

Shalom Harlow as Sonya

Shawn Hatosy as Jack

Zak Orth as Mike

Lauren Ambrose as Vicky

Deborah Rush as Ava Blazer

June Squibb as Cousin Gretchen

Alice Drummond as Aunt Susan

Glenn Close as Herself

Selma Blair as Cousin Linda

Whoopi Goldberg as Whoopi Goldberg (uncredited)

Bill Camp as Bachelor Party Guest

Ernie Sabella as Aldo Hooper

Dan Hedaya as Military Attorney

Becky Ann Baker as Darlene

Jay Leno

Kate McGregor-Stewart as Aunt Becky

Debra Monk as Mrs. Lester

John Cunningham as 'Be a Man' Tape Instructor (voice)

Joseph Maher as Father Tim

William Duell as Emmett Wilson

Kevin Chamberlin as Carl Mickley

Adam LeFevre as Bachelor Party Guest

John Christopher Jones as Bachelor Party Guest

Daniel joseph as Locker Room Guy

Bill Hoag as Bartender (as William P. Hoag)

Nesbitt Blaisdell as Billy's Dad

Arden Myrin as Student

Lisa Emery as Classroom Reporter

Marla Sucharetza as School Reporter

Alexandra Holden as Meredith | Lauren Ward as Student | J. Smith-Cameron as Trina Paxton | Lewis J. Stadlen as Ed Kenrow | Gus Rogerson as Danny | William Parry as Fred Mooney | Richard Woods as Reverend Morgan | Wally Dunn as Cousin Lenny | Larry Clarke as Cousin Ernie | Mary Diveny as Cousin Ellen | Anne Russell as Aunt Marge | Patrick Garner as Stan Forrest | Scott Robertson as Bachelor Party Guest | MacIntyre Dixon as Bachelor Party Guest | Joanna Wolff as Jennifer the Flower Girl | Chris McKenna as Locker Room Guy (as Chris L. McKenna) | Mark Ballou as Locker Room Guy | Charlie Newmark as Locker Room Guy | Andrew Levitas as Locker Room Guy | Jon Hershfield as Locker Room Guy (as Jonathan Michael Hershfield) | Seth Ullian as Locker Room Guy | Greg Siff as Locker Room Guy | Ryan Janis as Locker Room Guy | Jane Hoffman as Mrs. Baxter | Daniel B. Canton as Cameraman (as Danny Canton) | Patricia Guinan as Billy's Mom | Samantha Buck as Classroom Student | Lauren Fox as Classroom Student | Lizzy Mahon as Classroom Student | Simone Marean as Classroom Student | Michael McGruther as Classroom Student | Niki Roma as Classroom Student | Jacqueline Manning as Classroom Student (as Jacqueline Maloney) | Patrick Mylod as Classroom Student | Virginia Williams as Classroom Student (as Ginger R. Williams) | Joshua Wade as Student | Jill Horner as Student | Julie Entwisle as Student | Clare Kramer as Student | Miranda Kent as Student | Tara Carnes as Student | Ian Sherwood as Student | Kevin Keating as Student | Kathy Lyn Cavanaugh as Student | Jo-Jo Lowe as Awards Event Model | Gary DeWitt Marshall as Classroom Reporter (as Gary Dewitt Marshall) | Ronald Rand as School Reporter | Ross de Marco as School Reporter | Joanne DiMauro as School Reporter | Tony Jones as School Reporter | Grace DeSena as School Reporter | Bruce Bennetts as School Reporter | Tracy Appleton as School Reporter | Jim Taylor McNickle as School Reporter | Laura Caulfield as School Reporter | Mimi Stuart as School Reporter | Dinah Gravel as School Reporter | Peter Barmonde as Wedding Photographer | Producer  : Scott Rudin | Director  : Frank Oz |