High Crimes (2002)

High Crimes (2002)

Release Date : Apr. 05, 2002 | Rating ★★★★★★
Details : A female attorney learns that her husband is really a marine officer awol for fifteen years and accused of murdering fifteen civilians in El Salvador. Believing her husband when he tells her that he's being framed as part of a U.S. Military cover-up the attorney defends him in a military court.
Duration : 1 Hour 54 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Ashley Judd as Claire Kubik

Morgan Freeman as Charlie Grimes

Jim Caviezel as Tom Kubik

Amanda Peet as Jackie

Adam Scott as Lieutenant Embry

Bruce Davison as Brig. Gen. Bill Marks

Tom Bower as FBI Agent Mullins

Juan Carlos Hernández as Major Hernandez

Michael Gaston as Major Waldron

Jude Ciccolella as Colonel Farrell

Emilio Rivera as Salvadoran Man

Michael Shannon as Troy Abbott

John Billingsley as Lie Detector Coach

Dendrie Taylor as Lola

Paula Jai Parker as Gracie

Kyle T. Heffner as San Francisco Judge

Jesse Beaton as Ramona

Arlen Escarpeta as Guard #2

Lee Whittaker as Student in San Salvador

Dawn Hudson as Lt. Col. LaPierre | John Apicella as Alex Franklin | Florence Regina as Nurse | Julie Remala as Lisa Stenstrom | Joe Mazza as San Francisco D. A. | Maureen McVerry as Female Attorney | Jake Gentry as Male Attorney | Alex Nesic as Bailiff | Don Bajema as Mr. Arguer | Eddie Santiago as Guard #1 | Lucas Ford as Guard #3 | Cynthia Shope as Court Stenographer | Stephen Jared as Military Guard #1 | Randy Mulkey as Military Guard #2 | Karen Kahn as Reporter #1 | Paul Ghiringhelli as Reporter #2 | Elaine Corral Kendall as Reporter #3 | Emilio Ribera as Homme salvadorien | Julia Mendoza as Givens | Executive Producer  : Lisa Henson | Producer  : Arnon Milchan | Director  : Carl Franklin |