Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince (2009)

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince (2009)

Release Date : Jul. 07, 2009 | Rating ★★★★★★★★
Details : As Harry begins his sixth year at Hogwarts he discovers an old book marked as 'Property of the Half-Blood Prince' and begins to learn more about Lord Voldemort's dark past.
Duration : 2 Hours 33 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley

Emma Watson as Hermione Granger

Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy

Michael Gambon as Albus Dumbledore

Jim Broadbent as Horace Slughorn

Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange

Robbie Coltrane as Rubeus Hagrid

Maggie Smith as Minerva McGonagall

Alan Rickman as Severus Snape

Timothy Spall as Peter Pettigrew

David Thewlis as Remus Lupin

Matthew Lewis as Neville Longbottom

Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood

Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley

James Phelps as Fred Weasley

Mark Williams as Arthur Weasley

Dave Legeno as Fenrir Greyback

Helen McCrory as Narcissa Malfoy

David Bradley as Argus Filch

Gemma Jones as Poppy Pomfrey

Alfred Enoch as Dean Thomas

Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort

Julie Walters as Molly Weasley | Oliver Phelps as George Weasley | Warwick Davis as Filius Flitwick | Natalia Tena as Nymphadora Tonks | Katie Leung as Cho Chang | Geraldine Somerville as Lily Potter | Freddie Stroma as Cormac McLaggen | Frank Dillane as Tom Riddle (16 Years) | Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Tom Riddle (11 Years) | Afshan Azad as Padma Patil | Shefali Chowdhury as Parvati Patil | Georgina Leonidas as Katie Bell | Devon Murray as Seamus Finnigan | Anna Shaffer as Romilda Vane | Josh Herdman as Gregory Goyle | Jamie Waylett as Vincent Crabbe | Scarlett Byrne as Pansy Parkinson | Jessie Cave as Lavender Brown | Louis Cordice as Blaise Zabini | Robert Knox as Marcus Belby | William Melling as Nigel Wolpert | Paul Ritter as Eldred Worple | Isabella Laughland as Leanne | Ralph Ineson as Amycus Carrow | Suzanne Toase as Alecto Carrow | Rod Hunt as Thorfinn Rowle | Elarica Johnson as Waitress | Nathan Clarke as Gryffindor Student | Olivia Jewson as Slug Club Party Member (uncredited) | Executive Producer  : Lionel Wigram | Producer  : David Heyman | Director  : David Yates |