Friends With Money (2006)

Friends With Money (2006)

Release Date : Sep. 07, 2006 | Rating ★★★★★
Details : After she quits her lucrative job Olivia finds herself unsure about her future and her relationships with her successful and wealthy friends.
Duration : 1 Hour 27 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Catherine Keener as Christine

Jason Isaacs as David

Timm Sharp as Richard

Joan Cusack as Franny

Greg Germann as Matt

Hailey Noelle Johnson as Tammy

Simon McBurney as Aaron

Frances McDormand as Jane

Jake Cherry as Wyatt

Jennifer Aniston as Olivia

Bob Stephenson as Marty

Marin Hinkle as Maya

Scott Caan as Mike

Elizabeth Keener as Lancome Saleswoman

Ty Burrell as Other Aaron

Romy Rosemont as Gretchen

Troy Ruptash as Brad | John Srednicki as Lancome Salesman | Mitch Rouse as Raymond | Christine Mourad as Edie | Jenn Fee as Debbie Lazarus | Max Burkholder as Max | Alejandra Flores as Maria | Maulik Pancholy as Flirtatious Waiter | Kristin Minter as Oblivious Mom | Bobby Coleman as Marcus | Tonita Castro as Teresa | Ileen Getz as Marla | Producer  : Anthony Bregman | Director  : Nicole Holofcener | Writer  : Nicole Holofcener |