Frequency (2000)

Frequency (2000)

Release Date : Apr. 28, 2000 | Rating ★★★★★★★
Details : When a rare phenomenon gives police officer John Sullivan the chance to speak to his father 30 years in the past he takes the opportunity to prevent his dad's tragic death. After his actions inadvertently give rise to a series of brutal murders he and his father must find a way to fix the consequences of altering time.
Duration : 1 Hour 58 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Dennis Quaid as Frank Sullivan

Jim Caviezel as John Sullivan

Andre Braugher as Satch DeLeon

Elizabeth Mitchell as Julia Sullivan

Noah Emmerich as Gordo Hersch

Shawn Doyle as Jack Shepard

Michael Cera as Gordy Jr. (10 Years)

Peter MacNeill as Butch Foster

Marin Hinkle as Sissy Clark

Nesbitt Blaisdell as Fred Shepard

Joan Heney as Laura Shepard

Jordan Bridges as Graham Gibson | Melissa Errico as Samantha Thomas | Daniel Henson as Johnny Sullivan (6 Years) | Stephen Joffe as Gordo Hersch (8 Years) | Jack McCormack as Commander Butch O'Connell | Richard Sali as Chuck Hayes | Jessica Meyer as Teenage Runaway | Kirsten Bishop as Carrie Reynolds | Rocco Sisto as Daryl Simpson | Executive Producer  : Robert Shaye | Producer  : Hawk Koch | Director  : Gregory Hoblit | Producer  : Gregory Hoblit | Producer  : Toby Emmerich | Writer  : Toby Emmerich | Producer  : Bill Carraro | Executive Producer  : Richard Saperstein | Executive Producer  : Janis Rothbard Chaskin |