Contraband (2012)

Contraband (2012)

Release Date : Jan. 12, 2012 | Rating ★★★★★★
Details : When his brother-in-law runs afoul of a drug lord family man Chris Farraday turns to a skill he abandoned long ago—smuggling—to repay the debt. But the job goes wrong and Farraday finds himself wanted by cops crooks and killers alike.
Duration : 1 Hour 49 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Mark Wahlberg as Chris Farraday

Kate Beckinsale as Kate Farraday

Ben Foster as Sebastian Abney

Giovanni Ribisi as Tim Briggs

J.K. Simmons as Captain Camp

Diego Luna as Gonzalo

Caleb Landry Jones as Andy

Lukas Haas as Danny Raymer

David O'Hara as Jim Church

Ólafur Darri Ólafsson as Olaf

William Lucking as Bud Farraday | Robert Wahlberg as John Bryce | Jason Mitchell as Walter | Paul LeBlanc as CBP Official | Amber Gaiennie as Danny's Bride | Executive Producer  : Liza Chasin | Producer  : Tim Bevan | Director  : Baltasar Kormákur |