Burnt (2015)

Burnt (2015)

Release Date : Oct. 02, 2015 | Rating ★★★★★★
Details : Adam Jones is a Chef who destroyed his career with drugs and diva behavior. He cleans up and returns to London determined to redeem himself by spearheading a top restaurant that can gain three Michelin stars.
Duration : 1 Hour 38 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Bradley Cooper as Adam Jones

Sienna Miller as Helene

Daniel Brühl as Tony

Omar Sy as Michel

Lily James as Sara

Alicia Vikander as Anne Marie

Uma Thurman as Simone

Emma Thompson as Dr. Rosshilde

Matthew Rhys as Reece

Sarah Greene as Kaitlin

Sam Keeley as David

Chelsea Li as Bar-Goer

Riccardo Scamarcio as Max

Christopher Heskey as Conducteur

Stephen Campbell Moore as Jack

Henry Goodman as Conti | Lexie Benbow-Hart as Lily | Bo Bene as Yana | Elisa Lasowski as Denitzi | Julian Firth as Langham Maitre'd | John Macdonald as French Heavy #1 | Raphael Acloque as French Heavy #2 | Richard Rankin as Reece Waiter | Martin Trenaman as Emile | Jody Halse as Electrician | Erica Emm as Julia - MP Wife | Charlotte Hawkins as TV Presenter | Executive Producer  : Bob Weinstein | Producer  : Stacey Sher | Director  : John Wells |