Behaving Badly (2014)

Behaving Badly (2014)

Release Date : Apr. 14, 2014 | Rating ★★★★★
Details : Teenager Rick Stevens is willing to do whatever it takes to win the heart of Nina Pennington. He'll have to deal with his best friend's horny mom a drug abusing boss and even the mob if he ever hopes to land the girl of his dreams. Love is never easy!
Duration : 1 Hour 36 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Nat Wolff as Rick Stevens

Selena Gomez as Nina Pennington

Mary-Louise Parker as Lucy Stevens / Saint Lola

Elisabeth Shue as Pamela Bender

Dylan McDermott as Jimmy Leach

Lachlan Buchanan as Billy Bender

Heather Graham as Annette Stratton-Osborne

Ashley Rickards as Kristen Stevens

Jason Lee as Father Krumins

Austin Stowell as Kevin Carpenter

Cary Elwes as Joseph Stevens

Patrick Warburton as Principal Basil Poole

Gary Busey as Chief Clark

Rusty Joiner as Keith Bender

Nate Hartley as Karlis Malinauskas

Charles C. Stevenson Jr. as Mr. Apgar

Dimiter D. Marinov as Mantas Bartuska

Carlease Burke as Orderly

Jason Acuņa as Brian Savage | Mitch Hewer as Steven Stevens | Scott Evans as Ronnie Watt | Gil McKinney as Officer Joe Tackett | Mercy Malick as Cherysh | Jack Dimich as Vitolda | Irene Roseen as Sister Marie Therese Francine Dubois | Danielle Burgio as Tina Johnson | Greg Vrotsos as Darius | Jennifer R. Blake as Janice | Elaine Mani Lee as Nurse | Katherine Neff as Zoe | Terry James as Poultry Truck Driver | Liz Carey as Woman at Strip Club | Liana Mendoza as Kristen's Friend | Kurtis Mast as Paramedic #2 | Chris Carnel as Reporter | Ray Siegle as Reporter | Christopher Ashe as Nipsy Russell | Karrie McClaine as Stripper | Rigo Obezo as Arresting Officer #1 | Mike Jerome Putnam as Policeman | Matthew Friedman as 911 Operator | Producer  : Andrew Lazar | Director  : Tim Garrick | Writer  : Tim Garrick | Writer  : Scott Russell | Producer  : Miri Yoon | Executive Producer  : Barry Quart | Executive Producer  : Kevin Tang |