Bad Words (2013)

Bad Words (2013)

Release Date : Sep. 06, 2013 | Rating ★★★★★★
Details : A misanthropic man sets out to exact revenge on his estranged father by finding a loophole and attempting to win the National Spelling Bee as an adult. Figuring it would destroy his father and everything he's worked so hard for as head of the Spelling Bee Championship Organization Guy Trilby (Jason Bateman) eventually discovers winning isn't necessary for revenge and that friendship is a blessing not a curse.
Duration : 1 Hour 29 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Jason Bateman as Guy Trilby

Kathryn Hahn as Jenny Widgeon

Rohan Chand as Chaitainya

Philip Baker Hall as Dr. Bowman

Allison Janney as Dr. Bernice Deagan

Ben Falcone as Pete Fowler

Steve Witting as Proctor at Spelling Bee

Beth Grant as Irene

Patricia Belcher as Ingrid

Rachael Harris as Eric Tai's Mother

Greg Cromer as Jeremy 'FBI Agent'

Matthew Zhang as Braden Aftergood

Connor Kalopsis as Eric Tai

Director  : Jason Bateman |