Baby Driver (2017)

Baby Driver (2017)

Release Date : Jun. 28, 2017 | Rating ★★★★★★★
Details : After being coerced into working for a crime boss a young getaway driver finds himself taking part in a heist doomed to fail.
Duration : 1 Hour 52 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Ansel Elgort as Miles Baby

Kevin Spacey as Doc

Lily James as Debora

Jon Bernthal as Griff

Jon Hamm as Jason Buddy Van Horn

Jamie Foxx as Leon Bats Jefferson III

Eiza González as Monica Darling Castello

Flea as Eddie No-Nose

Sky Ferreira as Baby's Mom

Lanny Joon as J.D.

R. Marcos Taylor as Armie

Micah Howard as Barista

Hudson Meek as Young Baby

Wilbur Fitzgerald as Judge

Morgan Brown as Street Preacher | Morse Diggs as Morse Diggs | CJ Jones as Joseph | Lance Palmer as Baby's Dad | Viviana Chavez as Diner Waitress | Hal Whiteside as Cook | Clay Donahue Fontenot as Marine | Brigitte Kali Canales as Young Mother | Patrick R. Walker as Frat Boy #1 | Ben VanderMey as Frat Boy #2 | David Robert Lewis as Waiter | Big Boi as Restaurant Patron #1 | Killer Mike as Restaurant Patron #2 | Brogan Hall as Samm | Allison King as Nice Lady Teller | Paul Williams as The Butcher | Joe Loya as Security Guard | Andy McDermott as Freeze Cop | Christopher Beanland as Bullhorn Cop | Andrea Frye as Carjack Lady | Thomas E. Haynes as Anchor | Russell B. Spencer as Anchor | Cynne Simpson as Anchor | Keith Hudson as Diner Cop | Sidney Sewell as Hellcat Thug #1 | Thurman Sewell as Hellcat Thug #2 | Elijah Everett as Parking Garage Security Guard | Jon Spencer as Prison Guard | Walter Hill as Courtroom Interpreter (voice) | Jeff Chase as Jeffrey | Shellita Boxie as Bank Patron | Marshall Choka as Angry Man on Cellphone | Juliette Sicard as Student Pedestrian | Marvin E. West as State Trooper | Connie Lee as Upset Car Driver | James Blackshear as Music Store Clerk | Erica Frene as Dog Lady (uncredited) | Marisol Correa as Atlanta Cop (uncredited) | Elizabeth Davidovich as Monroe County (uncredited) | Duke Jackson as Monroe County (uncredited) | Colin Lacativa as Construction Worker (uncredited) | Trey McGriff as Homeless Man on Bench (uncredited) | Mason Pike as Pedestrian (uncredited) | Donald K. Overstreet as Man in Blue Truck (uncredited) | Danny Le Boyer as Tequila Goon 3 (uncredited) | David Conk as Tequila Goon 4 (uncredited) | Troy Faruk as Goon #5 (uncredited) | Chad Joyce as Prisoner (uncredited) | Mark Smith as Prisoner (uncredited) | Edgar Wright as Background passerby | Executive Producer  : Liza Chasin | Producer  : Tim Bevan | Director  : Edgar Wright | Writer  : Edgar Wright |