Awakenings (1990)

Awakenings (1990)

Release Date : Dec. 04, 1990 | Rating ★★★★★★★★
Details : Dr. Malcolm Sayer a shy research physician uses an experimental drug to awaken the catatonic victims of a rare disease. Leonard is the first patient to receive the controversial treatment. His awakening filled with awe and enthusiasm proves a rebirth for Sayer too as the exuberant patient reveals life's simple but unutterably sweet pleasures to the introverted doctor.
Duration : 2 Hours 0 Minutes
Cast and Crew :

Robert De Niro as Leonard Lowe

Robin Williams as Dr. Malcolm Sayer

John Heard as Dr. Kaufman

Julie Kavner as Eleanor Costello

Penelope Ann Miller as Paula

Ruth Nelson as Mrs. Lowe

Max von Sydow as Dr. Peter Ingham

Anne Meara as Miriam

Dexter Gordon as Rolando

George Martin as Frank

Alice Drummond as Lucy Fishman

Richard Libertini as Sidney

Mary Alice as Nurse Margaret

Bradley Whitford as Dr. Tyler

John Christopher Jones as Dr. Sullivan

Yusef Bulos as Joseph

Tiger Haynes as Janitor

Peter Stormare as Neurochemist

Vin Diesel as Hospital Orderly (Uncredited)

Byron Utley as Ward #5 Patient #2

Vincent Pastore as Ward #5 Patient #6 (as Vinny Pastore)

Laura Esterman as Lolly | Barton Heyman as Bert | Judith Malina as Rose | Keith Diamond as Anthony | Mary Catherine Wright as Nurse Beth | Jayne Haynes as Frances | Le Clanché du Rand as Magda | Steven Randazzo as Luis | Gloria Harper as Dottie | Gwyllum Evans as Desmond | Steve Vinovich as Ray | Harvey Miller as Hospital Director | Tanya Berezin as Psychiatrist | Shane Fistell as Man in Hall | Waheedah Ahmad as Hysterical Woman | Charles Keating as Mr. Kean | Christina Huertes as Christina | Linda Burns as Fishsticks | Judy Jacksina as Hospital Receptionist | Gary Tacon as George | Rico Elias as Orderly #1 | Mel Gorham as Nurse Sara | Chris Carolan as EEG Technician | Debra Kovner-Zaks as Cafeteria Nurse | Max Rabinowitz as Ward #5 Orderly | Gordon Joseph Weiss as Ward #5 Patient | Anthony McGowen as Ward #5 Patient #3 | Paul Montgomery as Ward #5 Patient #4 | Leonard Tepper as Ward #5 Patient #5 | Howard Feller as Ward #5 Patient #7 | Libby Titus as Club Singer | Michael Hyde as Bus Driver | Tomislav Novakovic as Bartender | Adam Bryant as Librarian | Anthony J. Nici as Young Leonard | Oliver Block as Leonard's Friend #1 | Buck Smith as Leonard's Friend #2 | Joan E. MacIntosh as Teacher | Harry L. Seddon as Medical Student | Executive Producer  : Arne Schmidt | Producer  : Walter F. Parkes | Director  : Penny Marshall |