Angel Heart (1987)

Angel Heart (1987)

Release Date : Mar. 06, 1987 | Rating ★★★★★★★
Details : Down-and-out private detective Harry Angel is ordered by the mysterious Louis Cyphre to go on a mission to find a missing person. His routine failure soon leads to a bloody spar with himself as he goes on a supernatural journey into his own soul.
Cast and Crew :

Mickey Rourke as Harry Angel

Robert De Niro as Louis Cyphre

Lisa Bonet as Epiphany Proudfoot

Charlotte Rampling as Margaret Krusemark

Michael Higgins as Doctor Fowler

Dann Florek as Winesnap

Kathleen Wilhoite as Nurse

Pruitt Taylor Vince as Det. Deimos

Stocker Fontelieu as Ethan Krusemark | Brownie McGhee as Toots Sweet | Elizabeth Whitcraft as Connie | Eliott Keener as Sterne | Charles Gordone as Spider Simpson | George Buck as Izzy | Judith Drake as Izzy's Wife | Dave Petitjean as Baptism Preacher | Rick Washburn as Cajun Heavy | Karen Davis as Voodoo Dancer | Executive Producer  : Mario Kassar | Producer  : Alan Marshall | Director  : Alan Parker |